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Monday:      9.00am - 5.30pm

Tuesday:     9.00am - 5:30pm

Wednesday: 9.00am - 5:30pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Thursday - 9:00am - 5:30pm
Friday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday - 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday - CLOSED

How do I secure a property?
Once you have viewed the property and would like to secure it we ask for a 'holding fee'. This is half the monthly rental amount plus £300 (For each additional person will be £50). This can be paid by cash, debit card(£2.50 charge), credit card (4% charge).   
The fee is non-refundable should you change your mind. However this will be refunded if the Landlord rejects the Tenant's or decides not to let the property. Refunds are made by bank transfer only.

Will I be referenced? 
An application form will need to be completed by each Tenant who is over the age of 18. If you are acting as a Guarantor for somebody you will also need to complete the forms.
We use an external referencing company and they will contact your landlord, your place of work will also to check your credit file. 
We must receive these before the commencement of your tenancy.

When will I receive the tenancy agreement?
You will receive the tenancy agreement three days prior to your move in date so you are able to read through it. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this. The agreement is an 'Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement' and will initially be for a six month tenancy unless you have requested for a twelve month tenancy and this has been agreed by the landlord. 

On the day you move in you will be asked to sign three copies of the agreement, one for yourself, one for the landlord and one for ourselves. 

Will there be an inventory?
We advise all our Landlord's that an inventory should be carried out for the property. We use an external inventory company called Gaynor Jaffa Inventories who is a member of the AIIC (Association Independent Inventory Clerk). The inventory will detail the condition of the property including furniture, fixtures and fittings which are going to be left in the property. We will ask you to read through this and make any necessary comments in the 'Comments' column and then sign where required and return a copy to us within 14 days.
This inventory will then be used when you vacate and a check out takes place. 

How do I contact the utility suppliers and who do I notify? 
On the day you check in you will be given a list of all the utility providers, and you will be able to choose who you want to go with. 

In order to change the electricity supplier please contact:
MPAS: 0845 601 5467
In order to change the gas supplier please contact: 

Xoserve: 0870 6081524
You MUST notify the company you choose to go with on your tenancy start date. Your meter readings can be located at the back of your inventory. If you haven't received your inventory yet please contact our office. 

Please note that Belvoir will notify Council Tax and Affinity Water. 

How do I pay my first months rent?
Your first months rent can be paid by:
o Debit Card (£2.50 charge) 
o Credit Card (4% chage)
o Cash
o Cheque
o By bank transfer (Please contact the office for our details).

Will I need to pay a deposit?
The deposit must be paid on the day you move in also. This can be paid the same way as above.
The deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Service (please see section 6 of your tenancy agreement). The deposit is NOT to be used as the last months rent.  

Who should I contact during the tenancy? Belvoir or my Landlord?
On the day you check in you will be advised whether your property is going to be fully managed by us or managed on a 'tenant find only' basis. 

If the property is being managed by Belvoir please ensure that you report all maintenance issues to us and if you have any queries you contact Belvoir. 
If your property is being managed by your Landlord, we will give you your Landlords bank and contact details when you move in so that you contact them from then onwards regarding any maintenance problems or any queries and not Belvoir. 

Can I change my rent date and how do I pay each month?
If you would like to change your rental date you will need to ask Belvoir first so that we can contact your Landlord. Once this has been agreed we will work out the difference that you need to pay in order to change the date. 

You can pay by:
o Setting up a standing order with your bank so that the money leaves your account a set day each month. 
o Transfer the money online (If you have lost our bank details please contact Belvoir)
o Pop into the office and pay by cash
o Phone the office and pay by debit card (£2.50 charge) or credit card (4% charge)

What do I do if I am unable to pay my rent on the rent date?
If you are unable to pay your rent for any reason please advise us as early as possible as to when you expect to pay it. Your Landlord will need to be notified as they will have their mortgages leaving their account on a set date so we need to keep them fully informed. Even if you cannot pay the full amount, something is better than nothing at all! 
If you need to discuss rent payments please contact the office on 01279 426888 

Am I able to change things in the property? 
If you would like to make changes in the property you must contact Belvoir first so that we can ask the Landlords permission. If your property is managed direct by your Landlord you must ask them first. 

This includes: Decorating, Hanging photo's on the wall, removing any furniture or adding any aerials/satelites. 
If you are not given permission to do the above this may effect the return of your deposit at the end of the tenancy. 

I need something repaired at my property, what do I do?
Tenants are expected to carry out minor repairs at their property. If you are unsure please visit the 'Tenants Responsibility' page. If you have lost your handypack please contact: harlow.propertymanager@belvoirlettings.com OR harlow@belvoirlettings.com and one of our team will send you another copy.

If you are unable to to complete the work to a high standard please visit our  'Trusted Contractors' page with a list of who we recommend to use. 

Please note that the cost of the minor repairs in the property will be the tenants responsibility.  

We do ask that you contact Belvoir for any major repairs as we will need to get the work carried out on behalf of the Landlord. If you deal directly with your Landlord then you will need to contact them to report the issue.

If there is an emergency at the property you must call Belvoir if it is during office hours. If the emergency is after office hours please contact the relevant contractor from our Trusted Contractors page. 

Please note that an emergency is something that could cause serious damage to the property if the issue isn't rectified as soon as possible.

Will somebody from Belvoir carry out inspections on the property?
Property visits will be carried out on Friday mornings throughout your tenancy and you will receive a text reminder on the Monday. If there are any problems please let us know straightaway. The initial visit will be 6 weeks into your tenancy to ensure that you have moved in OK and to see how you're getting on. The visits thereafter will be quarterley to check the property and the condition. 

If you aren't going to be at the property we will enter with our management set of keys unless you have advised us otherwise and would prefer to meet us at the property. 

If the property is in bad condition at the time of our visit we will have to organise a follow up visit for the following week at a charge of £30.00 as this will be an unscheduled visit. 

What do I do if I experience condensation in my property?
We have many reports from tenant's that there is 'damp' in their property which is actually condensation. If you are unsure of what Condensation is please refer to your handypack that was sent to you or go to page 2 of your 'Keep your home free from damp and mould growth' booket.

If your home does have condensation you will find that black mould will begin to form on walls especially around the windows and if an item of furniture has been pushed against the walls you will experience mould as the air is unable to circulate.  

Here are some useful tips to prevent it:
o Open a window after having a bath/shower and closing the door allowing the steam to clear. 

o Open a window when you are cooking to and try to keep lids on the saucepans.
o Try to leave your windows slightly open or put them on 'night vent'. 
o During Winter months try and leave your heating on a low heat. This will also cost you less rather than putting the heating on full for short period of time. 

What should I do if I receive any post addressed to the previous Tenant or the Landlord?
If you do receive post that isnt addressed to you please do the following:
o Bring the post in Belvoir - We may have a forwarding address for the previous tenant or can ask them to collect it. We will have the Landlords details in our office which we will be able to forward to them. 
Return to sender - Alternatively you can cross out the address and then write 'RTS' and pop it straight back in the post. 

How do I end my tenancy?
To end the tenancy you must give the appropriate amount of notice, two rental months after completion of the intial four months of the tenancy. The notice must be in the form of either a letter or email and this will give us a final date for the end of your tenancy. Rent must be paid in full up to the day that you vacate and the deposit cannot be used to pay your last months rent. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that all services and utility companies are advised of your final tenancy date and the correct meter readings in order for them to finalise the payment due for your account. 

How does my deposit get returned to me? What is the Deposit Protection Service? 
We will instruct our check out clerk from 'Gaynor Jaffa Inventories' to arrange a time to check you out of the property. The inventory that was given to you at the commencement of the tenancy will be used to re-check the property.  Allowances will be made for normal wear and tear, however should there be any discrepancies on the check out this will then be discussed once we have received the full report from the check out clerk and this may involve a deduction to your deposit. 
Once the deductions have been agreed we will then ask for your bank details for us to be able to refund the deposit and we will need the five digit repayment code that was given to you by the Deposit Protection Service. If you have lost this repayment code please call them on 0330 303 0030 and they can re-issue you a new one.


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