Finding the Right Property

Buy To Let Property In Hendon

To find a property that will give you a good level of rental income and capital growth you'll need to understand what will appeal to tenants.

Put personal preference aside as what appeals to you may differ from what appeals to potential tenants. Start by looking at areas and properties that are currently in demand, as well as transport links and government regeneration money because any changes that happen locally can affect the demand and rental prices.

At Belvoir Hendon we will advise you on:

  • Which type of property has the highest demand from tenants and what areas are sought-after
  • The type of tenant who will want your chosen property - for example families or students
  • The local rental market - sometimes the ideal property for return on investment won't be the one you would choose to live in
  • The properties that tend to let quickly - typically they are close to public transport links and shops
  • Tenants also look for properties with good storage, and kitchens/bathrooms that are structurally and visually appealing.


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