Finding A Buyer For Your House

           If You Are Selling Your Property

I May Already Have A Buyer Waiting For You.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Yasmin Macartney

I’m so glad you found me because I have some very important news for you.


If you’re selling a property I may have a buyer ready and waiting to buy your house.

 I know this is a pretty big statement, but there are three simple reasons why I can say this to you.


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I deal with house sales at the Belvoir Lettings and Sales office on the Ormeau Road in Belfast.

Over the last 10 years we have built up a huge list of landlords and property investors who are constantly asking us to find all types of properties for them to buy.

Your property could be just what they’re looking for.


The second reason is…I have a list of eager buyers!

That’s because I always have more than one buyer making an offer on every property I sell, but obviously only one of them can win.

So I have a list of eager clients who are just dying to buy a new home.


And, the third reason is…I always provide a “Personal Agent Service”.

That means…

I personally take care of everything for you.

This includes: listing and promoting your property for sale, arranging viewings and attending every visit with the buyers to help you sell fast for the highest possible price.

And, when I obtain an offer you’re happy with, I will stay involved throughout the whole process to make sure the sale goes through smoothly, and as quickly as possible.


It’s simple really…

You have a property for sale and I have buyers waiting, so you could sell your house very quickly!


I’d love to have a chat with you, to see how we could help each other out.

So, give me a call today on 028 9022 8409.


If you would like me to give you a call back just click the link below and pop your details onto the new page that appears, and I’ll give you a call as soon as I can.

Yes Yasmin, give me a call!

I’d love to hear from you.


Before you go…I have a Special FREE Gift for you!

It could help you secure an even higher offer and faster sale for your house.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope we can have a chat soon.

Best Regards

Yasmin Macartney


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About me:

I grew up in Northern Ireland and I worked in Belfast in admin/secretarial roles before I left to work in England at the age of 22.   

I spent 7 years working for Mars GB as Logistics Coordinator.  There’s nothing quite like logistics and transport to train you on the importance of being well-organized and seeing things through to the end.

Then I worked for Savilles, the high-end property guys, as the Lettings Manager. That’s when I discovered my passion for dealing with people.

It’s always a fantastic feeling when helping new buyers and tenants find their new homes. I found out very quickly that the one thing that people appreciated most was being kept well informed and up to date on progress. I have carried this on right throughout my career.

Later I set up and ran my own retail business for 3 years, and then I returned to the property world as Lettings Manager for a Lettings Sales Agency.

I moved into an important role in customer service where the main body of the business was based on referrals.  

I decided to broaden my horizons and was fortunate enough to go traveling for a few years.

Now, happily settled with my family, I love hosting big family get-togethers, socializing and meeting people, and reading (when I get a chance). 

I’ve returned to my passion again in Belfast with Belvoir Lettings and Sales because I truly believe that this business is not just about property, it’s more about people…and I love it.

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