Erdington Landlords B23 OR B24

What is the best place for landlords to buy property  in Erdington?

If you are a landlord looking to buy property in Erdington, but you are unfamiliar with the area, or even if you have some knowledge of Erdington but want to know what the best types of places are for landlords buying to let, then look no further.Here we will share a few facts about buying to let in this North Birmingham area.

Obviously, the best areas to buy in are those that have the type of property investment you have in mind, and the demographic of the type of tenant you wish to let to. Some research on locations will soon confirm that Erdington in general has a high proportion of renters. This is hardly surprising as there are more people renting today than ever before.There is increasing demand for rentals almost everywhere, be it for people with low incomes or even professional jobs.

The B23 area of Erdington, according to statistics on the property website Zoopla, has a large amount of unemployed, as well as manual workers – much more than the national average. These households on low incomes are most likely to be renting their home. Office workers and public sector workers are also in high proportion, just to give an idea of the common demographics. The B24 area of Erdington appears to show less unemployment than B23, with a higher amount of professionals, however the statistics still show a high (above average) level of people renting their home.

Erdington has a plentiful amount of schools and amenities, which suit families. Transport links are also really good and so this is another massive plus to attracting renters to rent out your property. There are a good range of properties and renter demographics in the whole area in fact, and so definitely a safe bet for buy to let.

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