Repairs and maintenance

Every property has issues from time to time.

In order to make the reporting, management and resolution of such issues as efficient as possible we use an online reporting service called Fixflo.

All routine repairs should be reported using the Fixflo website.

Fixflo provides both advice on how to fault find issues e.g. is it actually something that needs a contractor to attend or does the fuse just need changing which would be a tenant responsibility and a quick and efficient method of reporting repairs to us.

In addition, it enables us to keep you informed of which contractors have been tasked to attend and the progress of any repairs.

Emergency Out of Hours Procedures for Christmas 2021 Shutdown

Please note that out of hours emergencies can be reported to 07930 333857 – this is for emergency use only.   Any repairs reported as emergency will be quantified by the Property Manager in the first instance.   In the unfortunate event that you become locked out over the Festive Period, it is a tenant responsibility to regain access and have the lock repaired by a competent Locksmith/Joiner. No spare keys can be issued over the Christmas/New Year period as our offices are closed.   If any replacement locks are fitted – tenants are responsible for informing us in writing, and also providing us with a new spare key.

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