One Bed Buy to Let - Dundee. Gross Yield - 7.2%

This is a potential interesting one, though it does bear further investigation. It’s a one bedroom flat on Baxter St, and is being marketed by Northwoods.

Its being marketed at £55,000 which the details say is £10,000 under valuation, which obviously begs the question “why”. There may be perfectly good and legitimate reasons but its always worth digging deeper as its not apparent from the details.

The photos and floor plan look good with a large corner lounge and plenty of storage, all positives in a one bedroom flat. Double glazing and secure entry, heating is electric, how old, what type I don’t know.

I would estimate a rent of comfortably £360, which is a gross yield of just over 7%. Capital appreciation in this area has run at about 10% over the last five years. All in all an interesting possibility but one I would want to dig a bit further into.