Winter Is Coming !

It’s coming to the time of year where the temperature drops and the first time in a few months the heating is being turned on. We find that this is when we start seeing an increase in boiler issues and burst pipes with the freezing weather.

With energy prices being increased across many suppliers we understand that some tenants will look to change suppliers to keep the costs lower.

If you have recently changed your supplier please do contact us at Belvoir Lettings Corby on 01536 267755 to advise us. This would help us if we need to contact your supplier due to any faults or issues that may occur.

Belvoir Lettings Corby also have direct contact with a maintenance company called Cornerstone Housing who can deal with any emergencies throughout the cold period.

Cornerstone Housing can also be contacted directly by calling 01536 525555.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01536 267755,