Will I Get My Deposit Back? The Question Tenants Need To Answer?

At the beginning of your tenancy it is unlikely that you will have any disagreements with your landlord or managing lettings agent. But this could change by the end of your tenancy. So how do you avoid any problems and make sure you get your deposit back in full?

Landlords and lettings agents want to refund you your deposit in full, quickly and efficiently at the end of your tenancy. If they do it means that you have looked after the property well.

If they want to hold part or all of your deposit it will be due to a change in the condition of the property. It is important that you look after the property during your tenancy. Keep the landlord or lettings agent fully informed during the tenancy should you have any accidents or need help.

Upon your move in you will have been provided with an inventory. This may be written, photographs or a DVD. If you are not provided with an inventory do your own.

A professional lettings agent will give you a DVD inventory, this is by far the better choice providing you with a clear visual idea of what the condition of the property was when you moved in, and the condition the property should be in when you leave.  As it is visual it also ensures that disputes are quick and easy to resolve, as you can clearly see the condition of the whole property. Should you have any points that were not included in the initial inventory report, make your landlord or lettings agent aware. This is something that will cause a dispute at the end of your tenancy if you don’t and will effect the time and amount you will receive back. 

All deposits must now be registered in one of three available schemes: Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), Deposit Protection Service (DPS) or Tenancy Deposit Solutions LTD (TDSL).  These schemes provide a stable framework that allows disputes to be resolved in a quick and straightforward manner. The monies held in any of the schemes may not be refunded until all parties involved are in mutual agreement with the amount to be refunded and to whom it will be paid this provides you as a tenant with greater protection from rogue landlords and agents.

For greater protection always use accredited lettings agents

Remember that you live in the property and it is up to you to take ownership of your own actions.