Tenants Checklist

Belvoir Corby offer the following checklist for tenants to avoid property rental problems.

1. Be aware of who is managing your property
Is it the lettings agent or is the landlord self-managing?
When the landlord is self managing the relationship during the tenancy will be between you and them direct so make sure you feel comfortable. Ask how many tenancies they have managed before yours. This will show what experience they have in letting properties. Ideally also meet them in person so you get to know them before signing up.

2. If an agency takes your rental money, where will it be held?
They should have a client account, and if they do how often is it audited?
You should only rent through an accredited agency. Ask if they are a member of an approved scheme such as ARLA, Safeagent or The Guild of Lettings. These scheme have set codes of proactice in order to give you confidence and protection.

3. If your landlord take payment ask if they are members of National Landlord Association.
If they are not members enquire as to why? An accredited member will give you greater security to know that they have a set code of practice that they must adhere to.

4. If a damage deposit is taken who will be holding it?
Since 6 April 07, the deposit is required to be protected by one of the government authorised tenancy deposit schemes. Find out which scheme is being used and check the rules.

5. What sort of inventory will be carried out?
Belvoir! Corby offer a comprehensive written inventory list plus Video Inventory Protection scheme where the condition of the property is videod inside and out before tenancy commences

6. Do not assume that because an agent is managing the property this will be done.
If you are not happy with the inventory and it’s content tell them, and ask for your points to be included in the inventory. Obtain this in writing. If no inventory has been carried out do your own. Once you have completed it provide your landlord/agent with a copy for there records explaining that they have a set time in order to check that it’s content is correct. This will help you if you have any dispute regarding the damage deposit at the end of the tenancy.

7 If you are planning to share a property with friends or a partner be very careful.
Remember that you will all be signing the same tenancy agreement, which makes you all jointly or severally liable for the rent. You should only sign a tenancy agreement with people that you trust. If you decide to share a property with a friend and she fails to pay her share of the rent the landlord may decide to hold you responsible for her share of the rent. Failure to pay rent could result in county court judgements against all of your names not just the individual that failed to pay there share.

Keep the excitement you had at the beginning of your tenancy right the way through to the next. Avoid seeing red and the need for mediation! Take ownership for your own actions and don’t blame others this will in turn help you achieve a swift move out procedure so you can concentrate on finding your next home.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Belvoir Lettings Agents Corby 01536 267755 for free advice. Alternatively please fill in our property lettings enquiry form.