Struggling To Sell Your Property?

Over the past few months Belvoir Lettings Corby has noticed an increase in the amount of queries we are receiving from property owners who are struggling to sell their home.

Many Owners that are looking to move for various reasons are realising that letting their property may be an easier solution to let them move on with their plans.

Becoming a landlord can bring you many advantage such as:

  • It allows you to move more quickly than waiting for a buyer
  • The property could stay as an investment while a tenant is living there and would still be valuable as a fixed asset
  • A tenant may look at buying the property after renting
  • It gives the property a chance to increase in value whilst the market gains strength
  • It gives you the flexibility of you returning to the property if you would need to in the future.

Whether you are a first time landlord or are familiar with the letting business Belvoir Lettings Corby can help you with a service suitable for all your needs,

For further information of for a free property valuation please contact us on 01536 267755/