North Londonshire; Housing and Business Development Corby; New Website Launched

The campaign has been created by the North Northants Development Company (NNDC) its aim is to attract people living and working in London to consider moving to North Northamptonshire.

The scheme is advertising the north of the county as North Londonshire to grab people’s attention and to make Londoners consider the area’s proximity to the capital making it desirable for commuters to move to the area.

NNDC’s marketing manager Nick Bolton said: "The next step of the campaign will see the launch of the campaign posters, and the newspaper and radio advertising.

In response to all the coverage about the North Londonshire brand, NNDC has also launched a temporary website to ensure it does not lose out on the interest media spotlight has helped generate.

Mr Bolton said: "We put up this website just to make sure we weren’t losing the interest of people who had heard about the campaign.

"It directs people to links about the places in the area because the campaign is designed to encourage people to find out about North Northamptonshire. We’ve been getting about 20 hits a day which is good considering we’ve not been actively promoting the campaign or website."

Mr Bolton added while he understood why some people locally had reacted negatively to the brand; it had attracted positive feedback from other areas.

He said: "We’ve been getting positive feedback from local businesses and those outside the area. They appreciate we want to get more people interested in north Northamptonshire."

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