Marketing The Belvoir Way

From the very moment that you instruct us, our sole aim is the find you the best possible buyer for your property. We understand that Property Is Personal and your home is not just bricks and mortar. We realise the importance of good pictures, cleverly thought-out words and impressive presentation to secure the right sale.

In no uncertain terms, we want the best for you!

So, when your perfect buyer is busy searching for their dream home, we have the most compelling advert ready to catch their eye.

Marketing the Belvoir way includes the following key features to ensure your property is seen:

Eye Catching Photography

We make sure that all our images feature stunning exteriors and coveted lifestyle pictures. The main photograph that we show of the outside of the property is the main chance of hooking a buyer. For those scrolling on a mobile, it is the one image they see so it has to stand out.

We use professional photographers, who have numerous different tricks and skills to ensure they catch your property in a perfect light.

As well as snapping the outside of your property, we make sure we take plenty of pictures of inside, showing off the amazing lifestyle on offer living in your home. We will show both the cosy window seat and the spectacular view beyond, the immaculately shiny bathroom floor as well as the vastness of the bath, and both the ample parking space on the driveway and the beautifully landscaped garden.

Our photographers are artists. Here’s a wonderful example of their amazing work

Preparation Is Key

If you need some assistance in showing off your property to its full potential then look no further. We can bring props and home furnishing to give your home a lift and make it even more inviting for a viewer.

Or if you’re already packed up and your home is totally empty, we can bring each room to life with our virtual styling technology.

Our highly-skilled virtual stylist can add their wizardry to any property, with scaled furniture and relevant furnishings to give potential buyers a better idea of how the space could be used.

Accurate, Impactful Descriptions

We used skilled copywriters to evoke the most impactful description for your home. They will interview you to find out your favourite characteristics and discuss with you all the changes you have made and the parts that you love.

We will take the time to understand you and your home and therefore find a buyer that suits it from roof to driveway.

State-of-the-Art Technology

In this modern age, every property should be offered a 3D tour to add to their options. We can offer a full virtual viewing of your property, including all rooms and outside areas, which allows potential buyers to get a feel for the home before they view and revisit the property online over and over again afterwards, should they so wish.

Here’s a 3D tour of one of our current properties

A well shot video can also help to showcase a property, giving a potential buyer a further chance to connect emotionally with a home and visualise themselves living there.

Social Media Campaigns

Of course, we will be ready to go with a list of potential buyers on our books who might fit the bill for your home. But we like to cover all bases and although many buyers are actively looking in our area and are on our radar we don’t discount other options to put your property in front of a wider group of people. To do this, we use highly targeted social media campaigns which make it easy for them to see all the wonderful qualities of your property and make it easy for them to find out more.

Find out what your property is worth through a free market appraisal with one of our experienced local agents. Call 01536 261666.