Letting Your Property Quickly!

Here at Belvoir Lettings Corby we see all types of properties come onto the market, and in most cases the landlord are looking to let these homes for a large range of different reasons. Whether it is an inheritance, equity release to allow a move to the next step of the property ladder, investment or moving away from the area for work, the reasons can be vast. Despite this the job of finding a tenant is the same and following a few short and simple tips can help find you a tenant more swiftly.

It may seem obvious, and is well highlighted in the sales sector but when letting a family home, it needs to feel and be seen fit for purpose. Utilising the space in for its intended use is the key to allowing potential tenants seeing them living in the space for themselves.

Allow your agent plenty of opportunity for viewings, and where possible allow the agent to do this without you present. Viewing requests can be immediate and the sooner your agent can show prospective tenants around the property the more chances you have of securing a tenant.

Work with the feedback your agent provides, after all these are potentially you are not securing a tenancy.

Be honest and open with your agent. Specify the length of the tenancy you are looking for, what type of tenant you are looking for, the rent you are expecting to receive, whether you will accept pets and what landlord insurances you are expecting to take on the property. Stating this information from the off can allow your agent to vet any prospective viewers to know they will be suitable for you, before they see the property. Ensuring all viewers meet your requirements gives more of an opportunity to find that perfect tenant for you.

For more information about finding a tenant quickly and effectively please do not hesitate to contact us at Belvoir Corby on 01536 267755 or alternatively email corby@belvoirlettings.com