How does the use of your home change over Christmas?

What you need from your home often changes dramatically over Yuletide. As you struggle to find a spot to safely hide gifts or house unexpected guests, there’s no escaping the fact that all you really want for Christmas is more space! It’s no wonder that many people consider asking Santa for their dream home at Christmas.

Corby is a fantastic place to spend Christmas this year, as the town has made the most of a £312,000 Government grant handed from the post-pandemic Welcome Back to the High Street fund, which means there’s a bumper selection of events which will entice your family and friends to visit. But where will they sleep?

The festive season is a reflective time of year and there is always a surge in online house hunting on Boxing Day. So how does the use of your home change over Christmas? And what do you need to make the festivities run smoothly?

You need a place for the Christmas tree

Lots of family fun and the build up of festive excitement comes from decorating the Christmas tree. But, whether you got your tree from Corby’s B&M store or you went further afield to Boughton House or West Lodge Farm, the big question is where are you going to put it? Choose a communal space in your home that will bring the most joy for all. And don’t be afraid to temporarily move furniture to make room. It is only for a short space of time and will give you a focus for the festivities. Plus, wrapped gifts can sit prettily underneath.

You need a bigger dining area

With the average household size in Corby at just 2.4 people, it is likely that your mealtimes see the whole family fit easily around the table. But with more people expected for your menu on Christmas Day, you could do with a larger dining space. However, it is just one day out of 365 in the year, and if you don’t regularly entertain, it may be a wasted space day to day. Consider borrowing an extra table or using a foldable table and ask people to bring spare chairs for the day. Or go informal and balance food on laps or lay out a picnic rug.

You need somewhere to hide presents

Don’t worry, if you’ve not yet started your Christmas shopping, then Corby town centre shops will be open until 8pm on Tuesday 21st December, Wednesday 22nd December and Thursday 23rd December. If you’re an early bird who has already done your gift list and you’ve got a garage or a dry storage space then you’re in luck for hiding presents. If not, ask friends or family if they can house larger items for you. Or clear a space in the loft which you can sneak gifts into before the big day. Hiding in plain sight can be risky but if you put presents in the back of a rarely used cupboard or under a spare bed, they are unlikely to be found.

You need somewhere for guests to sleep

Santa’s Magical Mystery Guest is on the bill at The Core in Corby but there’s no mystery to your guests this Christmas – they’re coming to stay and you need to make room! Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and, as much as you want to offer luxury and comfort in your home, the reality is that most people will be merry and bright and won’t mind where they sleep for a few nights. Give the adults the beds and encourage children to have a sleepover in one room with lots of cushions and blankets on the floor. Blow up beds in any room can also solve short term space issues.

You need a plan!

Preparation is key! Declutter your home in advance so that you’re ready for gifts and guests. Find spare chairs and check you have enough cutlery and crockery to go around. Plan sleeping arrangements, clear high traffic areas, like the hallway, and dig out bedlinen and extra towels. Above all, be proud of yourself and sharing your home. Wherever you are, make memories with loved ones and enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

If getting through Christmas has made you feel like you need to upsize or move to a property with more living space, why not arrange a free valuation of your current home in the New Year to get things moving? You could be in your ideal home in time for next Christmas! Call Belvoir on 01536 261666.