Belvoir Corby Launch Tips To Avoid Tenants From Hell!

For the DIY landlord, the prospect of renting out a property for the very first time can conjure nothing but anxiety and apprehension when you take into account the many horror stories doing the rounds about tenants turning bad! Now Corby lettings agents Belvoir, is offering its very best tips on avoiding nightmare tenants.

Non paying tenants, damage to the fixtures and fittings or a huge cleaning bill really could be the least of your worries if you let your property to the wrong people, and although landlords insurance can offer some protection, it will not avoid the stress involved with the whole ordeal.

Belvoir specialises in letting properties in Corby and over the last few years have heard from landlords who have mastered the art of letting out a property, and those who have suffered at the hands of their tenants, resulting in damaged properties or lengthy disputes. This is often caused by a lack of experience and knowledge on their part, which means that such crises can be overcome with a little know-how.

It seems that the incidences of nightmare tenants seems to be on the rise in recent months from talking to other landlords and agents, but here at Belvoir Kettering we truly believe that steps can be taken to avoid this in most cases.

Belvoir Ketteirng Top Tips For DIY Landlords Avoiding Nightmare Tenants:

1. Go and visit the tenant at their current property

This will give you a good idea of how your property will be treated if they do move in. If you walk into a house which has numerous pets and rubbish everywhere, chances are that they would treat your property in the same way.

2. Ask for a guarantor

This will almost guarantee that rent will be paid into your bank account each month – however, make sure you only accept guarantors who are in full time employment or are home owners.

3. References

If your potential tenant is employed, not on DSS or a student, ask them for a reference from their employer. Getting a reference from a previous landlord is also a great idea because then you will find out if they treated their last property with care and if they paid their rent on time!

4. Ask for a bank statement or payslip

You will need proof that your tenant can afford to live in your property – if they are genuine they will more than likely be accommodating to this request,

5. Go with your gut instinct

If you have a bad feeling about someone, there is probably a good reason for this. A person may look perfect on paper, but there may be something a little off, you have the right to refuse tenancy.

By opting to let a property through a reputable lettings agent, it will reduce the likelihood of such horror stories occurring in the first place. For example we do really thorough credit checks such as checking for CCJ’s (County Court Judgements), talking to previous landlords, getting next of kin details in case tenants up and leave, ensuring that they are all in full time employment and that salaries quoted are genuine. Many landlords don’t check possible tenants thoroughly and as a result may suffer the consequences. Even if you want to look after your property yourself talk to an agent such as ours to get help with this credit checking process. Many tenants will come to your directly because they don’t want to be checked out.

When landlords come to Belvoir Corby, we offer them access to the most up to date legal advice available for free from our legal helpline. We also specialise in creating a professional inventory for them, this is now offered on a DVD with audio description rather than photographs this is all to ensure that they are fully protected, should a dispute arise.

For more information and advice please call Belvoir Corby 01536 267755 and speak to one of our experienced staff.