A Guide to Video Inventory Services

What to expect from Belvoir Lettings Inventory Service

Here at Belvoir Letting Corby we find it is essential to protect your deposit in the most effective and accurate source available on the market which is not offered by all local agents.

Whether a landlord or a tenant, it is imperative that both parties are given a thorough and non biased inventory of the property before a tenancy starts, not only to confirm the condition of the property, but also the surrounding grounds and relevant meter readings to ensure that all parties are protected at the beginning of a tenancy.

Our specialised DVD process means that not only is the entire property recorded with a running condition commentary, but that all water outlets are checked, keys are fully reconciled and relevant utility companies are informed of move out and move in readings.

Disputes at the end of any tenancy can be costly, to a tenant from the deposit if there is not concrete evidence of the condition upon commencement, but also to a landlord if it cannot be proved without reasonable doubt that the damage was caused by the tenant, and is beyond wear and tear.

To find out what benefits our VIP inventory service could offer you as a landlord, or a tenant, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss this with us.