5 Tips On How To Get The Best Tenant

There are plenty of horror stories doing the rounds about dreadful tenants who don’t pay their rent, destroy carpets and steal curtains – for the virgin landlord this can conjure nothing but anxiety and apprehension.

Although landlords insurance will save you financially, it can’t prevent the stress of late-paying or destructive tenants living in your property.

Here are five tips to help avoid unwanted hassle when renting out your property:

1. Go and visit them at their current property
This will give you a good idea of how your property will be treated if they do move in. Habits are
hard to break, and if you walk into a filthy house that smells of smoke and has remnants of last
night’s party everywhere, chances are your house will look the same in a month or two.

2. Ask for a guarantor
This will almost guarantee that rent will be paid into your bank account each month – however, make sure you only accept guarantors who are in full time employment or are home owners.

3. References
If your potential tenant is employed, not on DSS or a student, ask them for a reference from their employer. Make sure you follow this up as some tenants will embellish on their work status. Getting a reference from a previous landlord is probably your best way to landing a good tenant –
ask for a letter which details when the tenancy agreement started and finished, whether there were any problems and if rent was paid on time. Be aware that you may receive a glowing reference if a landlord wants to get rid of someone – if you have any doubts, go for the tenant’s penultimate landlord as they will be more honest.

4. Ask for a bank statement or payslip
You will need proof that your tenant can afford to live in your property – if they are genuine they will more than likely be accommodating to this request, whereas a bad tenant will make a fuss. Keep in mind that their salary needs to be three times your monthly rent-rate in order for them to
afford to live there.

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