The importance of Property Inspections

One of the most important aspects of our service for landlords has to be our regular property inspections. We visit the property once every three months and a report of our findings is emailed to our landlord.

We are very aware some agents or landlords do not carry out these checks – but it can minimize tenant dilemmas by keeping a closer eye on landlords investments by doing so.

It is important that landlords do as much as possible to ensure that their properties are well looked after and there are numerous steps landlords can take to make sure this happens. 

These steps are increasingly becoming a necessity as the number of lettings properties being used for illegal purposes are on the up.

However it is essential that tenants are not made to feel like they are being watched or wrongfully accused of a crime – but reminded that a closer relationship with their landlord or property management company can work well for both parties. If a tenant knows what to expect from the start then obstacles can be avoided.

Landlords don’t usually have right of immediate access to their properties and have to make appointments with their tenants for an inspection. I would advise stipulating regular visits to the property in the tenancy agreement, which can be carried out within 24 hours notice. These inspections are not just useful for our landlords, they also give our tenants the opportunity to voice any concerns and allows for a good working relationship to develop. Remember there is a difference between friendly relations and being friends. If you have really good tenants you could reward them with a box of chocolates at Christmas. Providing them with a good professional service will give them an incentive to stay in the property.
Obviously the vast majority of tenants are not criminals – but unfortunately it is that small minority that are a worry to landlords. It is about striking a balance between keeping an eye on our properties and the tenants who occupy them and allowing quiet enjoyment of the home.

At Belvoir Colchester we strive to keep a harmonious relationship between the two, whilst always remembering this is a business arrangement with a major investment at the heart of it. Our attitude sets us apart from other letting agents – making us a great Colchester letting agent.

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