Belvoir Colchester - Charity Jump Update

We’ve only gone and done it!!!

So yesterday (Sunday) we jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 13,000 feet for Charity, some said we were mad and other said we were brave, to be honest, I would go with mad!! 

We had training in the morning, which was brief to say the least but it got us through the amazing event, we then all got in to the plane and started to climb up to 13,000 feet (2,000 feet looked high enough…..) once we got up there and the door opened you could feel the ice that was around, hanging out of the plane with the view of Suffolk below was just breath-taking. When we felt the tap and off we went, a free fall for 45 seconds and then I was able to fly over Suffolk and see the amazing landscape before the Landing.

It’s not too late to donate so please show your support, if everyone could just donate £10 each we would reach our goals and help provide a safer and stronger future. You fill find links below in this email on how to donate through our just giving pages.

Richard jumped for UK Cancer Research & Arron jumped for Young Epilepsy

As these are two very good causes we would like to ask for a small donation to one (or both) charities, we are looking to raise £1,000 for each charity by the end of October.

Belvoir offices around the UK will be taking part in all different events to help raise money and this is our first event.

I would like to say a massive thank you to our Director Julie Davis for the support and the agreement for us to do this Skydive.

Thank you for your support!

Richard Zammutt
Lettings & Marketing