Are you making the most from your property?

I want to make sure that as a Landlord/Property Investor you are getting the best possible yield from your property. It seems that once again, the property doom-mongers have been proved wrong as positivity and growth returns to the UK housing market. Those who confidently suggested that it would be 30 years before prices returned to their pre-crash levels, are having to do some swift recalculations.

Of course, changing tenants every year is going to reduce the return on your investment and, let’s face it, your retirement fund at the end of the day. With that said, if you have the right type of tenant in your property to start with, and the correct management from your agent, you will maximize the yield from your property and therefore not only are you happy, but so are your accountant and bank manager at the end of your financial year.

As property specialists, we have been around for a number of years and it’s fair to say we have seen it all in our time. Whether it makes good business sense or not, we are not in the game of having to find you a new tenant every year. What’s important to us is making it work for you and letting our reputation speak for itself.

As landlords ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you getting the most out of your property?
  • What could your current agent do better for you?
  • If you could change one thing about your agent what would that be?
  • Are you happy paying for the level of service you are getting?

If you are happy with everything and feel you are getting the best out of your agent then this is great news. If there is an element of doubt or you think to yourself, “I would like it if …….. was different”, then get in contact with me and let me know what you would like from an agent. Don’t forget we are here to work for you, not the other way round!

Get in contact with us today, as I know we can help!

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