Belvoir release i-phone app!

As part of a brand refresh – and the latest in a long line of new initiatives from lettings agency Belvoir – comes the new Belvoir app for the iPhone.

According to new figures from research firm Mobile Squared (, more than 6.4m iPhones are likely to be in use across the UK by the end of the year.

Anyone with access to an iPhone will be able to search for rented properties by downloading the new Belvoir iPhone app from the Apple App store.

Once downloaded, the free* iPhone app will be able to detect the users current location and find properties available within that area – plus show their current location and the property on a map.

The clever app will also give the option to call or email Belvoir directly from the app. Other innovative features include map search results, property descriptions, image slideshows, property shortlists and the option to email results to a friend.

Belvoir’s marketing co-ordinator Reena Patel says, “The app will enable tenants to find properties on the move, search for properties around the whole of the UK, show the distance from their current location on a map, shortlist properties to view later, plus view photos of the property and email a friend.”

And the app is great news for landlords too, becoming yet another tool to advertise their properties – plus showing that Belvoir are embracing the use of modern technology and ensuring their properties are marketed in all possible ways. “Belvoir is continually investing in new ways to help our customers and the iPhone app is one of many great initiatives that we are currently working on in order to make property searches easier for tenants, while marketing our landlords’ properties in a new and innovative way,” says Reena. “We will be monitoring the usage of the app and will consider making the app available on other Smartphones if there is a demand.”The app, which will increase brand awareness, while being a practical solution for tenants and a great marketing tool for landlords, is part of Belvoir’s managing director Dorian Gonsalves brand refresh and increase in marketing activity. “While we believe brand consistency is key, we also want to show we are a modern and evolving company,” he says.

* Please note: Although there is NO charge for downloading the app from the iTunes store or using it, network charges for data may apply – please check with your network provider.