Home Storage Ideas

Living Room

Fed up of everyone fighting over charging cables? Or worse you find key appliances unplugged as someone has nabbed the socket to charge their device. Then this charging station available on Amazon should solve a lot of your woes!

If your living room is cluttered with knick-knacks but you can’t quite bring yourself to pack them away, put up a shelf over the door, they are still on display but a little more out of the way.


A magazine rack mounted to a cupboard door makes a handy pocket for tin foil, cling film and grease proof paper!

If the under the sink cupboard is rammed with cleaning products, that constantly fall over, then install a small tension rod about 4 inches from the top of the cupboard and hook the spray gun bottles over it. That should clear some space on the floor of the cupboard so you can now easily grab any cleaning product you want.

Tension rods can also be used to keep trays from slipping. Insert the rods vertically, leaving room for 3 or 4 trays. Use one near the rear of the cupboard and one close to the front. You now have the perfect place to store your cake trays, cooling rack and baking trays, without taking up the whole cupboard and without experiencing a tray landslide every time you grab an item.


Kitchen roll holders are great for storing belts, simply wrap them loosely around the holder and you have a neat belt storage tower.

These clothes storage boxes from Ikea are ideal for organising your drawers, use them to keep your socks, tights and undies separate. I scoffed at this idea at first, but now could not be without them.

If, like me, you can never find a hair band when you need one (there is always one in the washing machine at the end of a load!) use a carabiner to hold your hair bands together and store in a drawer.

If your jewellery box is over flowing then we have found the perfect solution, this full length mirror from Wayfair also stores all your necklaces, bracelets and other trinkets.

Stationery trays placed in a drawer make a very effective make up organiser.


If you need more space than your normal run of the mill, wall mounted bathroom cabinet affords, then take a look at this gorgeous cabinet from Dunelm, it almost seems a shame to keep the spare loo roll in it.

Children’s Rooms

Artwork and school certificates: It seems little ones come home from school with a work of art on an almost daily basis. It can be difficult to store these precious memories. Try using a cork board in the kitchen and rotate the certificates and pictures and for those pieces that don’t make the cut, use a folder with plastic pockets for the children’s artwork. Have a folder for each child then you and they can flick through any time you want.

Small toy storage: as children get older their toys get smaller and it can be hard to keep all those little bits together. We spotted these wonderful toy storage domes from A Place For Everything. They look amazing as well as being super practical. Of course, because they are wall mounted you can decide whether the contents should be in reach, perfect for play that might need supervision.

Awesome Lego Idea: As a parent we will all experience the pain of placing a foot on a stray piece of Lego. This clever Lego mat available on Amazon not only keeps the pieces all in one place, but when play time is over simply pull in the draw string and the bag and all the pieces can be stored safely until their next outing.


A great space saving idea is to hang your garden equipment and tools in the garage, check out these ideas on House Beautiful.

To avoid having mud traipsed through the house, consider adding a welly rack in the porch or garage. This Welly Rack from Etsy is super stylish.


Fed up of shoes strewn all over the hall? This 2 tier shoe rack from John Lewis may just be the answer. It is stackable so you can add extra tiers, pop it in the cupboard under the stairs and you should have a clear hallway. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for getting people to use them.

You could go one step further and really make the most of your under the stairs storage place take a look at the storage ideas from the aptly named Clever Closet!

Hobbies And Sports

For hobby fans with small parts, why not use a revolving spice jar rack to keep your tiny bits safe and sound. And for sports fans there is a huge range of medal racks available from The Medal Hanger Shop.

We hope you have found our home storage ideas useful.