The History of Cambridge City Part 2;The Expansion Of Education

The first recorded date relating to Cambridge University was in 1209, when Oxford students moved to Cambridge to study.

It is widely believed that King Henry III was in favour of the university and invited students from Paris to come to England to study after disturbances around 1229.

In 1264 the King withdrew the Universities licence and requested that all students return to their former places of study.

The first College was Peterhouse which was founded in 1284 this was formed when the Bishop of Ely asked some students to join the monks in the Hospital of St John, the monks and the students however did not get along very well so the Bishop founded St Peters House. After this, various colleges were started, and even some priories became colleges.

Cambridge became split in two the Town & Gown, local residence and the students attending the colleges and trouble soon ensued.

Some of the famous names which have studied at Cambridge University include:

  • Oliver Cromwell; MP for Huntingdon, Member of Parliament for Cambridge, Lord Protector of England.
  • William Harvey; Discovered the circulation of the Blood
  • Isaac Newton; Inventor of Calculus, made major discoveries relating to gravity and light.
  • Charles Darwin: Author of “The Origin of the Species”
  • Ernest Rutherford; Split the Atom in 1903
  • Crick and Watson; Discovered the structure of DNA in 1953
  • Stephen Hawking; Author of Brief History of Time in 1988

These are just some of the interesting and surprising things you may not have known about Cambridge.

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