Cambridge Chinese Community Centre

Belvoir are delighted to sponsor Cambridge Chinese Community Centre. We hope that this partnership will bring mutual benefits for both organisations and we look forward to getting involved in C4’s future projects. Belvoir Cambridge are offering free specialist investment advice and workshops for those who are interested in property investment. 


*Exclusive Property Workshop* 

 "How to Select a Good Investment Property"

Selecting a good investment property is straight forward once you know how, but it can take time, especially if you are looking for something specific. To select a good investment property, preparation is the key! When looking for the right property you should know: you budget, your mortgage product, the area you want to invest in and the type of tenant you are targeting.

In this workshop the Belvoir team will reveal their top tips for property searching and selection.

Topics Covered:

Overview of the Cambridge property market and demand Local Buy-to-Let hotspots Considerations of leasehold, freehold and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Things to look for in a property - How to analyse property details and make the most of viewings  Rental property requirements in Cambridge – What  are you, as a Landlord required to provide and maintain

Event Details:

Date: Sunday 18th January 2015
Time: 3.00 – 5.00pm (part of your regular meeting)
Location: Queen Edith Primary School
Price: FREE

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To book your place, simply email confirming your attendance and how many people you would like to bring with you.

Investment in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the best cities in Britain, and in fact the world, for investing in property. A thriving local economy, steady population growth and a huge demand for rented housing make investing in Cambridge property a very wise choice.

There is constant demand for rented housing in Cambridge due to large employers like Addenbrookes, Microsoft and Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities. Plentiful employment opportunities and a “recession proof” local economy make Cambridge an attractive place to live and according to the National Statistics office the population of Cambridge is set to rise by 16% over the next 16 years.

Cambridge house prices are higher than the national average due to the demand on the housing market; people are wiling to pay more to live in a desirable place. As the growing population puts pressure on the housing market prices will continue to rise.  Over the last five years the average house price in Cambridge has increased by 22%: Cambridge is ideal for long-term investments as you will make a strong return through capital appreciation.

Investment in Peterborough

The future looks very bright for Peterborough as it is undergoing a £1billion regeneration project which includes nearly 600 attractive new-build properties. With average UK property prices and reasonable rents Peterborough is perfect for short-term investments and regular, reliable income.

Peterborough has been changing rapidly over the last 10 years: according to the Office of National Statistics, between 2001 and 2011 the population grew by 27,600. The private rented sector in Peterborough has increased by 98% since 2001 and continues to grow due to temporary residents, overall high property prices and a booming population.

The average UK property price is currently at £188,300 (Sept 2014) which is exactly the same as Peterborough average prices: this puts investors in a very strong position as property investment is relatively cheap but it is still quite expensive for residents to buy their own homes. By investing a 20% deposit (£37,000) you will earn on average £7644 gross income. 

Property Investment Experts

Belvoir Cambridge owner, Terry Lucking established the businesses in 1996 and over this time himself and the staff have gained expert knowledge of property management and buying-to-let. A benefit of Belvoir’s Franchise structure is that the staff at each branch have in-depth knowledge of the local property market including rental yields and return on investment figures. The agents at Belvoir Cambridge can explain where the best properties are as well as how to adapt and prepare a property for tenant use.

Free Property Advice

Belvoir Cambridge offer free preliminary viewings of potential investment properties in the area and offer honest, unbiased advice about the rent potential, returns on investment as well as what sort of tenants it would attract. This helps new investors understand the buy-to-let process as well as the incurring costs and financial benefits.

Both Belvoir and Peterborough offices offer free, monthly Buy-to-Let workshops for the benefit of investors and landlords. These are held at a local hotel and include guest speakers, investment debates, portfolio reviews and Q&A sessions. Previous workshop topics have included: Getting Started in Buy-to-Let and How to Fund Your Property Portfolio.


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