Winter tips for renting a home from Belvoir Camberley

As the weather turns colder in Camberley, we have a few tips for our tenants (but if you own your home they're still handy!) to make sure your property is looked after and cosy this winter.

Avoid burst pipes!
As the temperature drops pipes can become frozen if heating and hot water isn't on. This is especially important if you're perhaps away visiting friends and family or away for Christmas. One of the best things to do is keep the heating on low even if you arent there as this will prevent the water in the pipes freezing and causing damage that you may not find for days! Around 15 degrees on the thermostat is eough to only kick in if it's needed.

Check your boiler pressure too. if it's looking low it may stop the boiler working whilst you're away if it does drop.

At this time of the year you may be out at Cristmas parties, meeting with friends or travelling to stay with family. We always recomment being extra vigilant on home security, with houses filled with Christmas presents, it's important to try and avoid break ins.
A few simple things like having lights on timers, keeping presents out of view of windows, and even having security cameras, from small standalone ones pointed out of the window, to Ring doorbell types can put off would be intruders.
Check windows and doors are locked and secure.
Talk to your neighbours, and keep an eye on their homes too. If you see something out of the ordinary don't be afraid to report it. 

Keeping warm and cosy (Saving on heating)
Draughts around doors and windows, especially in older properties, can make a home harder to keep warm. Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best, so simple things like closing internal doors, and using blankets or draught excluders can make a huge difference. They don't need to be fancy, a rolled up towel, or a doormat pulled up to cover the gap can make a really big difference.

Photo by from Pexels