What do I do when something goes wrong in my home?

We all know that sometimes things break in our homes. At this time of year, quite often it’s our heating or boiler, which is typical, just when you need it the most.

Sometimes it’ll be a leak, a blocked toilet, or a fuse keeps tripping…

Whatever the problem, you’ll want it to be fixed, so what do you do?

Well if you’re a tenant, firstly take a step back and find out as much as you can about what the problem is, what caused it, and what damage it is doing at the moment. This will really help when you report it, to get the right person out to repair it quickly. 

If theres a leak, can you isolate it? Turn the stopcock off? Put a bowl under it?

If every time you go to boil the kettle the lights go out, have you checked the fuse in the kettle as it may need changing?

If you are in danger call the appropriate emergency service and make yourself safe, or if you have a gas leak please don’t wait, report it to the gas company. If an appliance is malfunctioning, switch it off and make it safe. Youra and your families safety is the most important thing!

At Belvoir Camberley we have an online reporting system that gets all the information we need to get the right person to you as quickly as possible and our tenants can report items 24 hours a day, and send pictures to help our contractors assess the problem before they attend, which can save time and unessesary call outs and costs if it’s something that can be fixed with advice on a phone call. You can find out more or report an issue HERE

We know it can feel like an emergency when your washing machine breaks down at night and you’ve got the whole family’s washing to do, or your hot water stops working just as you were about to run a relaxing bath before bed, and that’s exactly the reason we created this new system. You can report the problem as it happens, and be safe in the knowledge that it is picked up in office hours (even when you’ve already gone to work and don’t have time to call), with all the information we need to prioritise, find the right person to help and also to let your landlord know what is going on with their property.