Tenants - What to expect from a rental inpection

The reason that landlords and lettings agents carry out inspections is to check the overall condition of a property, specifically to see if everything is in working order and in a reasonable state. This is in regards to both the interior and exterior of the property.

Depending on which office your Belvoir home is rented from, depends on how often inspections are. They can range from quarterly, bi-yearly to yearly depending on the length of tenancy and other factors. Inspections should be conducted at a reasonable time of the day, and 24 hours’ notice should be given as to when an inspection is going to take place.

As a tenant, they can feel quite intrusive however if you look at it more positively, it can help to build a relationship between you and your landlord. It is very beneficial for landlords and tenants to have a good relationship and it makes life easier, especially when it comes to things like arranging future inspections and repairs.

Rental inspections can last from 10 minutes upwards, and will generally involve the landlord or agent just checking around the property. The reason for this is to avoid problems before they become too big or expensive, and checking excessive damage hasn’t been caused to the property. It is also an opportunity to have a look for any minor repair issues, which as a tenant you may not think to report as it isn’t a big issue but the agent can note it and get it organised to be sorted.

As a tenant, you need to remember that the landlords or agents aren’t there to pick faults with you as a tenant or find any reasons to not continue renting to you. Plus chances are if you work it will be during the daytime when you may not be in. So, sit back, and relax!