Summer Holidays and Security!

Belvoir want you to enjoy a carefree holiday and keep your home safe whilst on your travels.

It’s that time of year again, schools out and summer is officially here! For many people, that means packing and jetting off for a well-deserved holiday. You may be thinking, sun, sea and sand, but let’s not forget about your lovely properties back at home. Summer is prime time for break-ins and burglaries, so whether you’re heading abroad or taking a weekend break, we have put together a home security guide so you can enjoy a carefree holiday and keep your home safe whilst on your travels.

Make your home looked lived in;

It’s a good idea to channel the ‘lived in’ vibe whilst you are way, as looks can- and should- be deceiving. It’s worthwhile investing in a timer, that way you can programme when your lights or television come on. It might also be worth paying some attention to your garden before you go away, this will make it look recently cared for. Also avoid closing any blinds or curtains, this makes your home look neglected and like you aren’t coming home any time soon!

Make use of close friends and family;

Be it a friend, a neighbour, or a family member, let someone you trust know that you’re going away and ask if they can keep an eye on your home. Make sure they have your contact details so they can get in touch with you if needs be whilst you’re away.

Keep valuables out of site;

Out of sight, out of mind! Easily forgotten when you’re rushing around organising last minute travel essentials, but be sure to move all of your valuables. Laptops, tablets and if possible TV’s keep out of sight and remember to put all keys (cars, doors and windows) out of plain view such as your hall way dresser or kitchen table.

Think before you share;

As much as you want to share your excitement about your planned trip, advertising your absence to the outside world isn’t really a clever idea- especially if your social media pages aren’t on private. If anything take a break from technology and enjoy the real experience of your break.

Check your home is insured;

If worst comes to worse, remember your home insurance is your last line of defence. Before you go away it may be an idea to contact your insurer, they’ll be able to provide you with relevant advice before you depart, and confirm whether you’ll be fully covered for the duration of your trip.

Top Tip; Mark your luggage tag with just your name and a contact number, it is not necessary to write your address as beady-eyed burglars en route will know that you’re not home. Also if you keep a calendar marked with the dates you’re away, remember to move this away from any windows- you don’t want prying passers-by to know you’re away.