Planning a winter break?

Now that the weather is turning colder and it's almost December, many people are planning a winter break or to visit friends and family for Christmas.
If you're going to be leaving your property for a few days, here's a few tips to keep your home safe and sound.

  • Security – do one last check before you leave, have you closed all windows and locked all doors? We've all had that panic halfway to a break, so either make a mental note, on your phone, ot tick them off a liist and you'll avoid that sinking feeling!
  • Have lamps or lights on timers or on a plug that goes on and off randomly so it looks like the property is occupied. We've been hearing good things about the new smart home systems where you can control bulbs even when away from home with Alexa from Amazon, or Google
  • Have you thought about cameras? You can pick up cameras or doorbells that record motion triggered video that don't have to cost the earth. These let you check in on your property and give you piece of mind. Many of these cameras are inexpensive and have a cloud based recording, so even if the worst did happen you'd have safe secure footage that may help identify someone up to no good. Just having these systems can help put off a potential intruder.
  • Burgler alarms – set them if you have them! If not, you can pick up ones that fit to doors and windows and go off if any motion is detected or windows or doors are open.
  • Don't leave Christmas presents or boxes from presents on display outside your home. 


  • Leave your heating on low or on a timer. Coming home to a burst pipe and ruined ceilings is the last thing you want after a relaxing break. Pipes can freeze and burst if the water isn't moving, so having the system set to move and heat will help prevent this. You can also use one of the new smart systems to set a routine that turns heating and water on and off if you have one.

Just a few basic ideas to help you keep your home safe and snug this winter.