Dream homes, by Belvoir Camberley

When asked to describe their dream home, lots of people say they would like a swimming pool, a double garage with a long drive, or maybe a beautiful rose garden. Here at Belvoir we believe that property is personal, and appreciate that everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect property.

We asked people who came into the office and the replies were:

"Somewhere detached in a wood, where I can have peace and quiet!"
"I'd like a huge garden for the kids, and the dog to run around in, but I think I'd want that fake grass so I wouldn't have to cut it all the time!"
"Ohh, on a beach somewhere, so I could just wander into the ocean. Obviously in a tropical country though!"

Are you trying to find your dream home? Get in touch with us in the Belvoir Camberley office today to see what properties we have that could be your next dream home!