Stay cool during Brighton's Heatwave

I don’t know about you but we are loving this warm weather, and we can honestly say that this will be a summer to remember. Whether you are entertaining with friends and family, taking advantage of the sun bathing, or in the paddling pool with the kids. Here are some top tips to help you stay cool, have a good night’s sleep and enjoy the heatwave.

Keep rooms cool;
During the hottest times, it is so tempting to open all of the windows in the house, however this doesn’t always help. Try to keep your windows, curtains and blinds closed, this stops the sun shining through your house and keeps it all nice and cool.

Duvet gone. Blankets in;
There is nothing worse than being too hot in bed, it is time to ditch the duvet. Instead opt to using a linen sheet or thin blanket- this will be much cooler.

Food and drink;
It is important to keep as hydrated as possible during the heat, make sure you are drinking plenty and eating foods high in water content. As much as we all love a beer garden, try not to spend too much time drinking alcohol.

Peak heat;
If the heat is just a no from you, then try to avoid the warmest times during the day. Don’t go out during 11am-3pm, this is when it is most likely to be the hottest and aren’t the best times if you are vulnerable when it comes to warm weather.

Let loose;
Show off your summer wardrobe! Wear baggy, cool and light coloured clothing to keep you cool. If you venture outside, make sure you slap on the sun cream and remember your hat and sunglasses.

Check on elderly neighbours;
Older people are most likely to suffer with the heat. If you have an elderly friend, neighbour or relative, make sure you check up on them to make sure they are okay and don’t need anything- they will also appreciate the friendly visit.

Take care of your animals during the heat, make sure they have plenty of water and shade to keep cool. Don’t under any circumstances leave your pets in the car, no matter how long you think you’re going to be.

Be organised;
If you are going on a long journey, ensure you are prepared with the essentials for the heat- it is important to be organised just in case things don’t quite go to plan.