Make your rental property feel like home.

It can be difficult making a rental property feel like home, with lots to consider and often a budget to keep in mind, adding your own personal touch isn’t always that easy.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered together a few tips to help you create the perfect rented space, without breaking the bank or going against your landlord agreement.

White walls;
Some landlords don’t allow tenants to decorate the property, however it is worth asking to add a lick of paint. It is something that can be countered for on a budget, and it does save them a job in the long run. White is the ultimate colour for walls in a rental property, it’s minimal, looks clean and fresh, and also helps open up small spaces.

Add plants;
Plants and flowers are a great way to brighten up your space and help bring it to life. With a variety to choose from, you are almost spoilt for choice. Experiment with different shapes and sizes, common favourites are the spider plant, aloe vera and any succulents or cacti.

Lay down rugs;
Flooring in rentals often come in two forms, a dull beige carpet, or a cold lino floor board. Rugs are a great way to add comfort to a space and help cover up those unwanted interior choices. Available in many shapes, sizes, colour and textures, you are sure to find the perfect choice to suit your style.

Mix up photos, art and wall hangings;
No wallpaper, no screws, no wall hangings… I am sure you have heard it all. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as there are now alternative damage free ways to get your pictures on the walls. Personal photos, unique art and wall décor is a great way to style your rooms and will instantly make a space feel more your own.

Layer textures;
Dressing up plain furniture will instantly add personality to your space. Scatter a few cushions, drape a throw over your arm chair or why not even add a sheepskin rug to the back of your sofa- stylish and simple!

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