Key factors that contribute to the value of a property.

Valuing a property… what do estate agents look for?

Key factors that contribute to the value of a property.

Estate agents take into consideration many factors when valuing a property, having valuated many properties within their careers, they know exactly what to look for. Here are some of the main aspects that contribute to the ultimate value of a property.

Presentation and décor;
Cleanliness and the decoration of a property play an important role in its value, stained carpets and ripped wallpaper will instantly bring the figure down.

Is the property suitable for a family, a loving couple or an independent individual- these are all important factors to consider as this indicates who the property should be marketed to. Space is also important; how many bedrooms does it have/potentially have, could there be a study or even room to extend.

Often referred to as the heart of the home, and now an important factor when purchasing a property. How modern is the kitchen? Is there room to fit all of the family? These are frequently asked questions when considering a property.

The more bathrooms the property has the better, as this is frequently become a popular request. A down stairs bathroom or an en suite are desirable factors.

What is the local neighbourhood like? Is their access to local amenities, such as the shop or schools. What kind of road is the property situated on; is it busy with restricted parking, or more reserved and well maintained? Where are the nearest transport links; is there an easy bus route or access to trains?

Garden and outdoor space;
A reasonably sized, well-kept garden will instantly add value to a property, south facing gardens are also very desirable. If the property doesn’t have a garden, is there a lovely back yard or balcony?

Stand out feature;
What makes the property different to all the other properties on the market? Perhaps it has a beautiful log burner, or gorgeous periodic wooden beams. 

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