A guide to living in the country....

A Guide to Country Living

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Fresh air, wide open spaces and a slower pace of life.

Ah country living- fresh air, wide open spaces and a slower pace of life- what’s not to love! There’s no denying that living in the country side has some definite physical and mental health benefits. You can’t help but be more mindful, noticing the weather, listening to bird songs or catching a whiff of freshly cut grass- it’s all about living in the moment.

You may not believe it but people living in the countryside can still lead busy hectic lives, embracing the peacefulness of their surroundings allows some time to escape and appreciate the finer things- like popping to your garden allotment or walking your dog through a muddy field, it’s all about getting that balance and differentiating work with your personal life.

There is always a strong sense of community living in the country, village life is a beautiful thing. You get the joys of going to the country village pub, small village businesses, the little local school and best of all, the summer fetes. You are never shy of a friendly face! Often living just a short walk away from friends or even sometimes relatives means that your relationships are frequently nourished and can grow strong enough to last a lifetime. Of course you have great connections living in a city, but there are also thousands of strangers you don’t know bustling the streets.

The possibilities for adventure are endless. Without having the access of transport and social activities on your door step, both children and adults can be left with just their imagination and senses. A walk, bike ride or building a den in the woods will give you a different perspective and are great ways to enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great opportunity to have all the animals you have ever wished for as space isn’t really an issue. A few favourites are horses, chickens, sheep or even llamas!

Living in the country is more convenient than a lot of people think, some people fear living a secluded country life. Though some places are particularly rural and isolated, thanks to Britain being such a small island, there are many beautiful country spots that aren’t too far from shops, large towns and even cities. There are actually some beautiful semi-rural towns that offer convenience alongside having a country feel. Many suburban and semi-rural towns will have great train and road links to major cities, which is perfect for commuting and work purposes.

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Sources; Field photography by Jake Gard | Village photograph by Ivy Barn