A Guide to creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Top tips for happy guests!

We all love having guests over for the weekend, however, prepping the guest room can be a bit of a chore. The spare room can often become a dumping ground for things you don’t want around the house, so we’ve put together a list of things to help you create a 5-star space for your friends and family.

Comfort is key;

Often when you update your bed, the old mattress makes its way to the spare bedroom. Rather than sending your cast-offs into the guest room, it is worth investing in a comfortable mattress, especially for guest use. This also includes updating the bedding and pillows to ensure it is as comfortable as possible for anyone staying the night. 

If you have space, provide your guests with somewhere to sit. A comfortable armchair is great for guests that wake up early and don’t want to disturb the whole house. It’s also pretty handy for getting ready or taking a bit of time out. 

Consider Convenience;

There’s nothing more annoying than living out of a suitcase as a visitor. If you are able to make room for a luggage rack, it will make the room feel a bit homelier. Even better than a luggage rack is making some hanging space available for guests to use, that way they can avoid creased clothes and settle in a bit more. 

A bed with storage is usually pretty handy, especially if the guest room isn’t the biggest space. That way guests can push their suitcase, shoes and bulkier items under the bed so they aren’t tripping over them. 

Light & Bright;

How you decorate the guest room is really important. We recommend keeping it simple with light, bright, neutral tones. Whilst the room won't always be to people’s taste, it beats having a garishly decorated space, it also means that you won’t need to do much to it to make it look cosy and inviting! 

Personal Touches;

Adding in some nice, personal touches to the room will go a long way with your visitors. Think about adding an alarm clock on a bedside table so they can easily check the time in the morning. Put a hairdryer in the room, it doesn’t need to be an expensive flashy one but one that works that your guests have access to when they need it is always nice. Add in some nice photos or paintings, remember it isn’t a hotel and you want to make it feel warm and homely rather than make your guests feel like they’re in a stark hotel room.