What to Consider when Looking for a Home to Rent

When looking for flats to rent in Birmingham, or any other part of the country, there are certain factors that you need to consider before leaping in an choosing a home that just won’t suit your needs or requirements. Finding a place that is both what you want and in your budget is important and certainly attainable; to help you to do this, we’ve created this guide on what to consider when looking to rent a home or flat.

The Cost

Ask yourself the following questions:

How much can you afford to pay per month? Will you need to pay a deposit? How much council tax you will I have to pay? Will the landlord in question accept tenants with housing benefits?

The Area

Of course, when it comes to choosing where you’re going to live, the location and transport is extremely important.  So consider the following:

How far away from your place of work is the property; how will you get there? If it is quite far away, what are the road connections and public transport like? Travel costs so make sure that you work out, exactly how much you can afford. If you do have a car, check if the property has parking as where this parking is located can alter how much you will need to pay in regards to car insurance. Where are the supermarkets, are they nearby? Your safety is important so research the area; is it notorious for crime and do you feel safe there? If you’re a parent, where are the local schools, doctor’s surgeries, dental practices etc?

The Property

When viewing a property, think about whether you could be happy there or not. Usually, you will know this whilst walking around. Look at the condition and ask questions. Look for signs of damp, and see if the property is wholly electric, has gas, has a pay-as-you-go meter etc etc. Whether this is for you will depend entirely on your preferences.

Take note, some properties are available furnished whereas others are unfurnished and you will need to purchase all of your own furniture. Remember that all landlords are required to obtain an energy rating certificate – all advertisements will contain the EPC rating which will give you an insight in to how much it will cost you in regards to energy consumption.

Is it For You?

All in all, when looking for flats or houses to rent, the main thing that you need to ask is; is it for you? Will you be happy and how long is the initial tenancy contract for? Ask all the questions that you need to and do your research!

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