What Makes the Perfect Landlord?

Being a good landlord means your tenants are more likely to respect you, and therefore respect your property. Building a good relationship means they’ll enjoy their time in your property and treat it with care, leading to fewer problems for you in the long run. So, how do you become the perfect landlord? Follow these top tips for a happy and harmonious relationship between landlord and tenant.

Before You Begin

The most important part of being a good landlord happens right at the beginning: choosing the right tenant to sign the lease. At Belvoir Birmingham, we can help by carrying out the necessary reference and credit checks, and ensuring you have an easy-to-understand and watertight lease. This means both you and the tenant will know exactly where you stand, right from the get-go.

Good Communication

Tenants will feel more relaxed – and more likely to tell you if repairs need doing – if you are easy to get hold of. This doesn’t mean being on call 24/7, instead, you can utilise a management company to handle this communication for you. This way, your tenants have a go-to number to call if any issues arise. 

Know the Rules

Don’t turn up unannounced to view the property, or make changes that weren’t reflected in the lease your tenants signed. As well as showing a lack of respect for their privacy, your tenants may feel you don’t trust them. Keep up to date with current legislation, too, so you don’t fall foul of the law.

Act Promptly

If your tenant does raise an issue, deal with it. Whether it’s a noise complaint about a neighbour or a leaking tap, help solve it quickly and efficiently. You might think it’s not urgent or that it’s cosmetic, but ignoring a problem usually leads to it getting worse. It will also help the tenant feel their concerns are being listened to. 

Exercise Kindness

Occasionally, a tenant might have a problem that’s out of their control. Rent mix-ups or accidental breakages can happen. It’s not ideal, but if they’ve been in your property for years and are always courteous and respectful, cut them a bit of slack if they really need it. You’ll usually find it won’t happen again.