What do Tenants Want?

As a landlord, your main priority is getting someone into your property. No money is made on an unoccupied house, therefore it’s essential to do as much as possible to entice potential tenants.

Just like when you’re looking to purchase a property, tenants will have different expectations for what they are looking for in a home. However, there are several desirable factors that seem to top lists more often than not.

So what are tenants looking for in a rental property?

Good Location

The property itself isn’t always the deciding factor for tenants; a lot of people won’t even consider looking at a place unless it’s in a good location. For many, the location is actually the single most important factor in choosing a property to rent. Not only do they want to be in a good area, they want to be near to local amenities, such as shops, restaurants, schools and public transport links.

Safe & Secure

Nobody wants to move into a home that looks inviting to burglars; therefore tenants will be looking for a property that looks safe and secure. Apart from being in a safe area, they will look for safety measures such as burglar alarms and secure door and window locks. These are all things you can point out to potential renters – it will stay with them when deciding on a property.

Ready to Move in

Tenants want a property that is fully ready to be moved into – a property that looks comfortable, modern and clean. Unlike when buying a house, they don’t want to have to spend any money fixing or repairing fixtures and fittings. They don’t want to have to stress about completing things once they have moved in.

Neutral Decor

You might feel like brightening your house up with some coloured paint or funky wallpaper will give you the edge over another property, but it could actually be harming your chances. A tenant doesn’t want to move into a property that has your personality stamped in every room, they want to feel like it’s THEIR home. By keeping everything neutral colours, the tenant then has the chance to decorate it how they wish. This is far more appealing to them.


Available parking space is actually something that can be a deal breaker for a lot of tenants. Your property doesn’t need to have a garage, but they will be looking for suitable on street parking or space to park on the drive. Properties that have parking availability will definitely be a lot more popular.


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