Should You Take the Effects of Pokémon Go Seriously When Trying to Sell Your House?

Pokemon Go is a new smartphone game that is sweeping the nation. Players explore outside, using a virtual reality app on their mobiles to detect Pokémon – virtual creatures – and catch them. This has led to several unfortunate incidents of players walking in front of moving cars while distracted and wandering on to private property to catch rare Pokémon.

However, Pokémon Go could actually help sell your house, strangely enough. Property owners and estate agents are pulling in viewers by advertising rare Pokémon at house viewings to get business up. If you’re struggling to sell, why not think about adding a sighting of a rare Charizard to your property advert? 

Gotta Sell Your Flat

Another feature of the game is ‘gyms,’ where people go to train their Pokémon and meet friends. Gyms can be in any structure or building, so if you have one nearby your home and are looking to sell, extra foot traffic is guaranteed. Some estate agents are taking the enterprising step of listing the amount of rare Pokémon sightings and gyms nearby to attract potential Pokémon loving buyers.

The company who makes the game also say they are planning to sell locations, meaning that home sellers or estate agents could purchase a location and use it to their advantage.

Nationwide Craze

Millions of people in the UK have signed up to play Pokémon Go, so the chances of it helping to sell your property is surprisingly high. Indeed, several homes in the United States and one in London have already been sold in this manner – who knows, it could work for you, too!

At Belvoir Birmingham Central property we can help find you your dream home or get rid of your old one, no Pokémon required. We have years of experience in this market and feel we can assist you on your quest – whether you want to catch them all, or simply move home.

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