Preparing Your Home for a Viewing

If you are selling your home, preparing your home for a viewing is essential before each and every appointment to increase your chances of getting a buyer. You can’t afford to overlook any little nook or cranny. 

Prepare for a Potential Drive-By

Lots of potential buyers like to do a “drive-by” before an internal viewing. It is therefore important to make sure that the outside always looks tidy. Trim any hedges you have, weed any visible flower borders, and don’t forget any weeds that might be sprouting-up through the driveway or footpath. 

You might also like to think about giving your front door and any window-frames at the front a quick lick of paint too. If you don’t have any pots or baskets with flowers, you might like to consider putting some out. Making visitors feel welcome starts with the outside.

While we are on the subject of the outside, make sure your back garden is well presented too. Gardens sell houses.

Now for the actual internal viewing.

Living Spaces

Make sure that you clear away any clutter. This always makes a room look untidy, as well as making it feel smaller. Make sure any curtains are fully pulled back. Plenty of natural light is always a good selling point.

Make sure the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, and well ventilated. Unpleasant smells are an absolute no-no. You also need to make sure you turn-off the TV or any music. Let you visitors concentrate on the house itself.

Tidy Every Room

Your visitors will want to see every room, so you need to make sure each room is tidy, especially the children’s rooms – there is no excuse. Put any toys away, plus all items of clothing or footwear. Your visitors may also want to look inside cupboards, so make sure these are tidy also. 

Kitchens Sell Houses

Well appointed kitchens sell houses. Ensure all surfaces (including cupboards and drawers) are spotlessly clean, and shining like new. Your oven may be examined, so this too needs to be clean. Obviously, everything needs to be put away in its place, and clear away any pet bowls with food in them. Make sure the air smells fresh. Food smells are not good, although the aroma of freshly baked bread and coffee usually goes down well.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Toilets

Bedrooms must be clean and tidy. Make a display of your beds with throw-overs and cushions. Toilets (en-suite or elsewhere) must all, of course, be spotlessly clean (including under the toilet seat) and odour free. Shower fittings and taps should also be clean and shiny. Folded towels always look good. Perfumes, soaps etc. should all be put away inside cabinets.

One other little tip is to give any pets to a neighbour to look after for the viewing. Not all people like them and it could put them off the house.

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