How Well Do You Know Your Neighbours? 4 Reasons Why You Should Get To Know Them

How well do you know your neighbours? If you’re in the middle of moving into a new property, or you’re still trying to familiarise yourself in a new neighbourhood, then getting to know your neighbours could be the thing you need to make you feel more at home.

As experts in property rental in Birmingham, we’re committed to making you feel 100% comfortable in your home. Whether you’re a tenant, or landlord, we want you to get the most out of your property. We believe that getting to know your neighbours is an excellent way to benefit from your home. Why? Let us explain…


Getting to know those who live around you means that there will always be an extra pair (if not more) of eyes looking after your property. Whether you live alone, or you go away on holiday, you’ll know that people are around to look out for you.

Proactive neighbours often see less crime – the extra eyes and ears help to thwart criminal activity.


How frustrating is it to see that little slip of paper that tells you that you missed a delivery. You either have to wait for it to be redelivered or you have to venture to the Post Office depot to pick it up. Not helpful when it’s something really important.

If you are on friendly terms with your neighbours, they are more likely to take your parcel in. For those who you’re really friendly with, you can even ask for your packages to be delivered there.


You know the old cliché about asking your neighbours for a cup of sugar? This isn’t so much a cliché when you’re friends with those who live next to you. You might not be popping around for a cup of sugar but you might need help with something at some point.

You may need to borrow a can or bottle opener, or maybe you need someone to open a tough jar for you? You never know when you might need help and it’s definitely worth having the option there.


If you’ve recently moved to an unfamiliar area where you don’t know many people, getting to know your neighbours could end up with you making some real friends. Get to know those who live on your street – it’s always nice to have friends nearby!

Why not offer to host a dinner party and invite your neighbours?


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