Finding Your Ideal Mortgage Rate

As an award-winning mortgage broker with more than 800 advisers in the UK, Mortgage Advice Bureau is an expert mortgage broker with access to more than 90 UK lenders, arranging around £10 billion worth of mortgages per annum.

Here at Belvoir Birmingham Central we work closely with the Mortgage Advice Bureau, providing expert mortgage advice in Birmingham and in the surrounding areas.


First Time Buyer

If you’re a first time buyer, Mortgage Advice Bureau can help to guide you through the process and offer expert mortgage advice specific to your requirements and circumstances, like income, savings, and other future plans you might have and need to account for.

You will have our expert advice every step of the way as you find the property you wish to buy, until you move to your new home. Our wide range of services include guiding you on finding a house that corresponds to the amount you can afford, carrying out a survey on the property, choosing a solicitor, and mortgage completion.


Moving or Remortgaging

Whether you’re moving house or need to remortgage your home, Mortgage Advice Bureau will help you have a stress free experience. You might find that you want to secure a better deal on your mortgage, and refinancing it can reduce the rate of interest you are paying.

If you are worried about potential rate rises either on short or medium term, you can remortgage to fix the rates at the level they are. We can also help you if you are seeking to release equity in your home, ensuring you can have funds for other needs.


 Types of Cover

At Mortgage Advice Bureau, you are assured a rate tailored to how much you can afford. You can also have a personalised type of cover, to protect you and your family in case of any eventuality. The Mortgage Payment Protection is the most common protection, covering any potential illness or redundancy, assuring that mortgage payments are kept.

Income protection assures you that repayments are done in case you suffer from any sickness or an accident that prevents you from working. Life Assurance guarantees that your dependants are left with a mortgage-free home in case of your death. Critical Illness Cover is very similar to Life Assurance, but it’s related to illness diagnosis instead of death.

If you wish, you can have Buildings and Contents Insurance and Mover’s Protection, insuring that any fires or floods, and against survey/legal fees if the purchase falls through, respectively.


If you’re looking for affordable housing in Birmingham, here at Belvoir Birmingham Central we are always happy to help. Get in touch with us on 0121 212 0122 to speak to our friendly team. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to see our news and updates.