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Bingham Wharf Skylark

Bingham House Prices Increase – by how much and why?

Have Bingham properties seen an increase twice that of the UK as the Rushcliffe figures seem to suggest?  Increased availability of lending and the pandemic have created the perfect environment for the increase of house prices, but can that be demonstrated in Bingham?

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Bingham Wellington Place

Bingham Property Investments - What to consider when looking for a Buy to Let.

What to consider when looking for a Buy to let in the Bingham Property market as we go into 2022.

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Potential Buy to Let Investments

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A new build investment property with an opportunity for capital growth?

A new build investment property with an opportunity for capital growth? Not necessarily something you hear very often. Its my opinion that the Redrow development as part of Newton Garden Village could offer just that.

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Property Investors Webinar

Property Investors Webinar - Join us on the 10th March 2021 at 6pm via Zoom to discuss Lettings Legislation Update, Capital Gains Tax, Investment and Inheritance Tax and having Rental Properties in a limited Company

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First time buyers and the Bingham property market in 2020

What is it like to be a first time buyer in Bingham and how are they affecting the Bingham property market.

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Bingham Investment Opportunities

A look at potential investment properties in and around Bingham

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Selling a house during Covid 19

There is a surprising amount of interest in properties for sale at auction, something to explore for those wanting to sell or looking to buy.

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Bingham Landlords! Deadline for new EPC requirements looming.

By now we are all used to a rental property requiring an EPC when a new tenancy is created. But did you know from April 2020 existing tenancies will be affected by the requirements to meet minimum energy efficiency standards?

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What Bingham Landlords can expect from 2020

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What is happening to East Midlands house prices?

ONS figures show East Midlands house prices increased by 6% over the last year

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How have Bingham Rents performed over the last 10 years?

The last few years have really felt like the rents have started to increase in Bingham and the surrounding villages. But what does the data show?  We have analysed our data for rental values across the whole of the East Midlands over the last 10 years.

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