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by Richard Rusbridger on Oct 10 2017 21:19

Matthew and Efa Kept us informed, and responded to our queries promptly.

by Richard Birkett on Sep 29 2017 13:15

Whenever there's been an issue or we've had a question, Sally Stephens has always given us very prompt and helpful responses, and I can't recommend her highly enough. She provides excellent customer service for us, and is a credit to the work of Belvoir Cambridge.

by Alessandra Salvaire on Sep 26 2017 08:02

It is a pleasure to deal with Sally Stephens from Belvoir. Sally is a credit to the Estate Agency sector - she has a genuine desire to give a fantastic service and she's always available to answer any questions along the way. I cannot recommend Sally enough.

by Mark on Aug 15 2017 00:02

Great service. Daniella was polite, timely and responded to all of my pestering questions efficiently. Can't thank her and Belvoir enough.

by luke whiskerd on Jul 20 2017 17:46

I have had a great experience so far with amazing service and response times to my emails, was able to arrange a viewing of a property quickly and all the infomation on payment was clear

by SB on Feb 20 2017 14:39

The most kind and professional staff. Really impressed with everyone but specially Natalie, Gabriella and Chelsy. Always happy to help and make you fell comfortable. Thank you so much!

by Andrea on Feb 6 2017 08:25

Professional people, work hard in tenant's interests. Had no problem with them at all, I'm nearly sorry to be leaving their care, I would surely recommend them as a Agency. Well done guys!!

by Geeta on Jan 5 2017 15:41

Thank you for the smooth process regards...Geeta

by Akmal on Dec 16 2016 10:36

Excellent service, communication was top notch and quick. All paperwork sorted easily, moving in really quick.SONIA Akuamoah provided a great professional service sorting out the property for me and with various queries very polite and chirpy!

by philippe on Dec 16 2016 10:35

Belvoir has been very efficient in renting out my place, quickly and at the price I wanted to achieve. The follow up was really good to, and the way the small issues were dealt with. I would strongly recommend to use their service, especially their local knowledge is really impressive.

by Jaiye on Nov 24 2016 12:10

Extremely happy with the quick service and communication between myself and Chelsey Cunningham. She is always readily available to resolve any issues I have had with my flat, going above and beyond to ensure, as a tenant, I am happy and there are no problems. I have had a bad experience with a previous estate agents in Cambridge but would highly recommend Belvoir.

by Gary on Oct 2 2016 16:51

This review is to thank Mandie Debenham for her excellent service finding us a tenant at short notice . We recently purchased a student rental apartment which finished construction just prior to the beginning of term . We met with Mandie on site and was instantly impressed with her professionalism and high level of experience in the Cambridge market . Mandie kept in contact with us and secured a tenant in time for the start of term .

by Stoyan Paunov on Sep 23 2016 16:29

We are a family Paunov rent a house through Belvior. We are extremely satisfied with the professional attitude of the employees. We are extremely pleased with Mrs. Smith and Mr. Lowery's office Basingstoke

by John Le on Sep 21 2016 16:43

Professional & Friendly service, first time using and felt like I was given all the necessary information to make the experience a little less daunting.

by junil on Sep 20 2016 11:01

very professional and helpful service. would strongly recommend to others.

by Niroch on Sep 19 2016 17:27

Very helpful throughout the process, agents show understanding to my situation and made the process very smooth for us. Highly recommended in Cambridge

by J Cronin on Sep 16 2016 14:55

Belvoir! have treated me fairly and have promptly answered any and all questions in detail to re-assure me during the process of renting a property. There were a couple of minor errors that needed correcting, including one towards the back-end of the contract (though people should read the contracts anyway to identify these mistakes). However, overall they have made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable for me & I would at this moment in time happily recommend them to people.

by chelsea on Sep 1 2016 13:19

awesome services and good take care off. Always stay in touch with the costumers. . would happily recommend Belvoir!!.

by maryam on Aug 28 2016 19:07

Good experience overall. The accommodation is well maintained, well furnished and is in very good condition. the only problem I faced while staying there was the Wifi connectivity. signal strength was poor. Other than that it was a good experience. :)

by Tracey on Aug 27 2016 19:35

Belvoir had been able to provide me with a team of capable staff members who helped in converting/letting my property into an HMO and made use of every opportunity to communicate their plan of action and any implications on my part. Their agent Georgina was both very approachable and obliging, a true professional. Note that I have not used any other group to know the difference but I can safely say that they offer a high quality service.

by Gilly Flavell on Aug 25 2016 14:35

Good communications, easy viewing, helpful friendly staff, made my first agency rental easy and painless would recommend!

by Alfie on Aug 24 2016 12:31

The Belvoir agents are very helpful and quick to respond to any concerns. When there was an issue with the moving in date of the property the team went out of their way to ensure I was moved in as soon as possible with minimum disruption.

by Sharlene on Aug 23 2016 09:57

In December 2015 I decided to rent a flat from house sharing.Other letting agency turned me down for some stupid reasons and I promised myself that I will never ever have any transactions with them in the future. Few days after, Belvoir posted this flat I am currently renting. I find the staff friendly, professional and efficient. had a smooth transaction from viewing up to handing over of the keys. Chelsea and Gabby are very helpful ever! Any issues or concerns, they take actions on timely manner. Very happy with Belvoir :-) xxx

by Sam Harris on Aug 22 2016 14:01

Very professional and friendly service, would recommend to friends.

by Mary-Beth on Jul 22 2016 14:11

I could not be happier with the service and support that I have received from the staff at Belvoir. From the initial phone call to book a viewing right through to the handover of the keys and paperwork I was offered full support, advise and answers to any questions I had. All processes were very quick and simple and any questions I had (no matter how silly) were always answered promptly and professionally. When going into the offices I was always helped by the same person, Chelsy, who was very welcoming, friendly and informative. This was my first time going through an estate agent, so it was all new and I cannot say enough how pleased I am. Chelsy has been so helpful and made the whole experience stress free, I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful service that she has provided. I would definitely recommend Belvoir to friends and family in the future!

by Andrew Slaney on May 11 2016 18:19

Very helpful made the whole process very smooth and easy. Everything explained very well to me. Would happily recommend Belvoir!!

by betul on May 4 2016 17:36

I would like to say that agent Gabriela is very helpful, friendly and she always responds very quickly. She changed my negative feelings about Belvoir to positive with her positive and kind manner. Thank you

by Alberto on Apr 22 2016 12:06

As a prospect tenants we have missed some information from the very beggining, such as being told about the furniture included and not included in the property and a quicker response related to the referencing process. You are somehow expected to pay first and then follow the instructions, which is Ok although you don't have all the information you would like before doing that, which can be a bit stressful. However, Chelsy, at the Cambridge brach, was welcoming and took care of our needs and requirements, which we really appreciated.

by Alessandro on Apr 20 2016 18:27

Positive experience overall. Quick answers to emails and very helpful agents. Cannot tell much more as I have just moved but I guess they will be exremely efficient in dealing with any problem the property might have in the future.

by Kasia on Apr 8 2016 10:03

I would like to recommmend Balvoir they very hepful and professional. Thanks a lot

by Hope on Apr 6 2016 13:35

Reasonably pleasant experience. I'm currently moving into my second property with Belvior and the customer service experience has most definitely improved over time. With my first property, things were very slow and I felt nobody would respond unless I was transferring rent money. Any maintenance issues would take weeks to fix and none of my e-mails were resonded to. 24 hours notice was not given when people came to view the flat and we had a number of surprise guests walking into our house unexpectedly!! However, my second move with Belvoir has been very prompt and professional - all thanks to Chelsy! A real credit to your team!!

by Sandra on Apr 2 2016 22:11

A big Thank you to the team at Belvoir Cambridge office for handling communications with tenants extremely professionally and dealing with all enquires arising from an unfortunate water leak.

by Betul on Apr 1 2016 12:51

I am not happy at all that Belvoir takes so long to fix issues. I and other 3 tenants have been going and having shower at our friends house due to they did not FİX THE SHOWER FOR 1 MONTH. They always have excuses and they keep send an email apologising and saying they can not do anything at this point. We keep sending emails and keep calling them but how comes an agency can not resolve SHOWER İSSUE for 1 MONTH. I am very annoyed and unhappy , that we have to call them everyday. They also promised to give us front key but never happened. We have all emails as a proof. I am very disappointed and angry as I work 6 days a week and pay quite a lot for this room in this house but can not even have shower there for 1 month because it has not been fixed. Shower is a joke , water pressure is joke no hot water if 2 people have shower in a row. Agency is very slow with dealing issues and fixing problems, does not protect tenants. So if you have any kind of issue even if it related toilet bathroom do not wait quick action from Belvoir, only thing you receive or her will be excuses.

by Jan on Mar 31 2016 17:13

Thank you for quick and professional help.

by Richard on Mar 30 2016 12:59

Belvoir have from the very start been completely professional . they have helped me relocate myself and my family from the isle of wight to Cambridge. Prompt answering of emails and a very helpful and polite service. i would highly recommend this letting agency..

by Will on Mar 29 2016 14:39

Very helpful agents made the whole process very smooth and easy. Everything explained very well to me. Would happily recommend Belvoir.

by Dave WIseman on Mar 29 2016 12:13

As a landlord, we moved to Belvoir after disappointing experience with another national agency 3 years ago. Our tenant at the time noticted the difference as did we, Belvoir staff have been tip top. I am kept informed of all relevant issues, they have seamlessly managed changing tenants, repairs, regular inspections etc and we get regular illustrated reports on the property inspections. Our rent is always paid on time and Belvoir charge 4.5% LESS than the other agency. What's not to be pleased about - keep it up folks Dave Wiseman

by Stephen on Mar 28 2016 19:15

Caring and responsive in dealing with a difficult tenant. Level headed and calm in dealing with unreasonable behaviour and willing to persist until the situation was resolved. Well done Georgina.

by Maria on Mar 10 2016 15:16

A very positive experience. Helpful service and fast communications. Searching for properties in Cambridge can be difficult if you come from abroad and you're unexperienced of this market, but keep asking and trust your agency. You have to be very quick in decisions and transactions, but once you book a property everything goes smoothly. Miss Gabriella Ping and Miss Chelsy Cunningham were especially kind and supportive.

by Jack on Jan 26 2016 14:29

I moved out in August and am still waiting to receive my deposit back. When they are asking for money to cover their mistakes, everything has to be within 10 working days etc. but when they owe you money it just never seems to happen. While living there I went nearly two weeks without hot water when the boiler packed up. The systems is similar to them paying you money: report the problem, be told that it is an accounts/maintenance department problem but that they will send them an email, then nothing happens. At all. Ever. More trouble than they're worth, use another agency.

by Mohini on Jan 21 2016 10:41

They had been very prompt with the move, and initially got back to all our moving-in issues and minor repairs. But then a major recurring problem was our front door being jammed. They sent in someone to repair the first two times, but the door would still get jammed in a few hours after the repair. Since we realised that the problem is more deep-rooted and would probably require a new door altogether, we have been now writing emails. calling their maintenance number, going up to the office to register a complaint. But now they have stopped replying to our emails and messages! Its been two months, and we are somehow managing with a back door which opens on another street! So we have to give all our guests a set of tedious instructions as to how to get to the house. This has been extremely inconvenient and very irresponsible of them to not even get back to us regarding this issue. I think our next step would be to lodge a complain with the City Council, and let them handle this unprofessional behaviour!

by Matt on Jan 6 2016 15:16

Might good if you're a landlord, but if you are a tenant then beware! It took them over 4 weeks to return my deposit even though their contract says a maximum of 10 days. They also stopped responding to emails and phone calls about the issue, and eventually I had to get the Tenancy Deposit Scheme involved to get my money returned. I've never had such problems with any other agency and would advise people to look elsewhere, or otherwise be prepared for problems when it comes to agreeing the return of your deposit.

by Karl Holz on Jul 28 2015 19:06

They’re professional, they´re fast and they´re goddamn ready for you. I’ve tested it. - It was about 4:30pm on the 1st of July ‘15 when I popped into Belvoir's office with the most uncommon request ever. I was in big trouble and needed to get a new accommodation organized immediately, so I asked 'Please, how likely is it to do a viewing.. today and move in like.. right afterwards?'. While other agencies would have simply laughed at me and close down for the day, Ronald asked me few key-questions, filtered all the available properties and superhero-like displayed possible viewings on the table. He said 'here Karl, this might suit your preferences. If you like you can see the property of your preference in 20minutes, my colleague Chris will be there to show you the rooms.' So I went, on the way I was thinking back ‘did he say rooms?’ I got to the place, with all my stuff in the car (I came from Germany and actually had an other place organized which then shortly fell away. This was the original cause for that urgent, crazy situation). Chris appeared, friendly and with the words ‘well then, which of the three might be the one?’ Yeah, right. I even got a choice between three rooms in this circumstance. I chose one of the three rooms, not just because I was forced to do so, but because I honestly liked it. They did great and they did it in no-time. So we went back to the office together, just to fill out all the paperwork which would normally be due in advance and linked to long approval processes. They went the extra-mile, took the challenge and saved my ass. I’m really happy! Cheers, Karl

by Kate on Feb 10 2015 18:10

Really nice quick and helpful agents. Excellent state of prioperty. Transparent processes. Highly recommendable! Kate

by Chris Ellis on Dec 11 2014 15:30

I would just like to say that I find your service at Belvoir as managing agents overall excellent.

by Bianca Dumitru on Nov 10 2014 14:16

Very professional service I would fully recommend it.Thank you Belvoir team

by Michael on Oct 4 2014 12:39

Professional service - all key points explained well.

by Tom Moss on Sep 5 2014 15:12

Helpful service from Belvoir. Sorted out the tenancy effectively at short notice.

by Nina on Sep 5 2014 10:44

Belvoir lettings has been very helpful arranging everything for us while we were still living abroad.

by Kat on Aug 29 2014 12:12

Very easy, helpful, and quick.

by Sara on Aug 28 2014 15:23

Sheena was extremely friendly and professional. She was able to answer all of my questions in a very efficient manner and I was able to move into the property quickly. So far I am very happy with the service I have been provided.

by Jack Handley on Aug 26 2014 13:17

Nice guys, really easy to let from, hopefully they'll be just as good while I'm living in my new house :)

by Jack Baxter on Aug 18 2014 15:28

Very quick and helpful.

by Nakkieran Lawrence on Aug 12 2014 13:05

The staff at Belvoir Cambridge offered every assistance possible in order to provide a taliored agreement with the landlord. Despite some complications, the whole matter was handled professionally and as rapidly as possible. Subsequently I would throughly commend the service I have received.

by Nancy on Aug 2 2014 14:00

Everyone has been really helpful and professional from our initial contact over the phone all the way to handing over the property to me. Excellent service and I will recommend Belvoir to others.

by Phil on Aug 2 2014 12:19

Everything has been great with Belvoir, made relocating easy and a stress free experience!

by Havva on Jul 31 2014 16:22

very fast response and excellent service!

by Amyshadbolt on Jul 30 2014 17:33

Belvoir lettings has been very helpful and friendly. good service, thank you.

by Henal on Jul 26 2014 13:11

professional, easy to work with and friendly staff

by Sam on Jul 9 2014 14:22

Quick and easy to find and sort propert with clear and helpful guidance through all stages.

by rik on Jul 7 2014 16:35

Good service, good communication and quick process from interest in the house we were interested in to securing and moving in. Some small reminding needed on a few emails, but apart from that we were more than happy with the service provided.

by Nachiappan on Jul 4 2014 15:37

I am happy with their support and everything was explained very well I would recommend to anyone I know. Thanks!!

by Sarah Jordan on Jul 1 2014 15:03

Very easy to work with and always respond to enquiries quickly. Everything was explained well and throughly, no issues.

by Brad on Jun 27 2014 14:44

Needed to move in quickly, and went through smoothly. All questions answered well.

by Nacho on Jun 27 2014 11:29

Everything has been handled professionally. Treatment couldn't be better and all queries were answered in a timely manner. No complaints at all, very good service.

by sem on Jun 20 2014 14:38

thanks for everthink very helpfully.

by T.A. on May 19 2014 15:22

Belvoir has been friendly, quick and helpful in processing our tenancy Larkin's close. Thank you.

by Jayachandra Reddy on May 12 2014 16:10

I am pleased with the service from initial stage. Its excellent and would definitely recommend to all, which I already did. Great job and good service.

by jags on Mar 28 2014 14:43

Very professional,Straight forward, Very friendly staff.

by Baudoin on Mar 28 2014 12:29

Very positive experience dealing with Belvoir, everything was done fast and I got answers to all my questions in a timely manner while looking for a property from overseas.

by Gemma on Feb 28 2014 10:38

Good service and communications from the team, quick to respond to queries.

by Murtaza MIrza on Feb 25 2014 15:55

From the first contact with Jakob to the viewing with Chris and then the admin with Sheena the whole experience of letting a property with an agency was handled professionally and in a friendly manner. Everything was explained well, courteously and I would certainly recommend anyone I know to rent through Belvoir Cambridge. Thanks for all your continued help and advice.

by mark holden on Feb 20 2014 10:21

All handled professionally & courteously given the short time frame involved. Queries were answered in a timely manner. No complaints.

by issaad on Feb 13 2014 13:59

well done, fast and clear, good service.

by On Behalf of a Contact on Feb 6 2014 10:04

It looks to me like we have made a good start at Campkin. Belvoir are doing a grand job. This is no great surprise to me actually, because I have had confidence that you would since I first met Luke and Terry.

by Batika on Jan 20 2014 15:46

Everyone at Belvoir Letting has been very helpful, especially Krizstina, and we very much appreciate how fast our application was processed. Thanks very much!

by K. S. on Jan 18 2014 16:33

Belivoir has been especially prompt, and friendly in all our request (even those they could not honor).

by Afzal Aslam on Jan 9 2014 06:52

Very good acting agents I am pleased with the service and staff are brilliant I would definately recommend to everyone I am pleased to be having a good Bunch look after my house Georgina and all her staff are polite and all have good work ethics. Keep up the good work

by Rosie Inkersole on Nov 27 2013 10:21

Helpful, friendly and straight forward! Also answers all my questions I had before signing the contract.

by Rakesh on Nov 27 2013 08:50

People (especially Jakub and Sheena) from Belvoir Cambridge are very friendly and helpful. It was a pleasant experience.

by Apoorva Alva on Nov 22 2013 16:38

Vey friendly and very good service

by roozbeh on Nov 22 2013 12:30

I will give the grade of 5 stars. the will really kind and helpful and customer service is brilliant.

by Christina on Nov 20 2013 11:46

The service was pretty straightforward and the agents were very helpful in assisting me with the property search and the viewing of the properties. All the procedures were clearly described to me and the agents were willing to answer all my questions about the property and the procedures involved in letting it. Overall, an excellent service.

by reviewer55671501 on Nov 9 2013 13:48

Good service, very helpful. Answered any question I had and settled any worries

by shakeel on Sep 21 2013 13:53

Very clearly explained and polite service.

by Jodie on Sep 21 2013 11:31

Really helpful and friendly! Easy to contact and get answers from.

by jessie on Sep 21 2013 10:23

There were some minor problems that occured during the process of my moving in, however these are being dealt with well and i am satisfied with the service i have been given. Sheena was particularly helpful.

by christine on Sep 20 2013 11:45

Very helpful staff in Belvoir letting services. They make sure that i understood everything before signing anything and were open to taking many questions. Very happy with how convenient they are with fixing aplliances in the house.

by Nicole Richards on Sep 13 2013 15:35

Moving to Cambridge from London has been a speedy, smooth process thanks to Belvoir lettings! The staff (particularly Kirsty and Sheena ) have been especially friendly, helpful and proffessional and gone the extra mile. I would recommend Belvoir to a friend.

by mariaflavia manigrasso on Sep 9 2013 17:03

They were very helpful

by Gobi on Sep 7 2013 13:24

They were very helpful and friendly, and helped clarify certain details for me and my mother. I would like to thank all the employees at Belvoir Lettings for getting me through this procedure.

by Tania Gannon on Sep 6 2013 11:28

Excellent service from viewing to recieving the keys. All my questions and were answered promptly. Very professional service.

by George on Sep 2 2013 11:30

Very helpful with everything we asked for.

by Catarina on Aug 30 2013 16:44

good service, helpful and professional throughout.

by hugo on Aug 30 2013 16:43

Polite and helpful.

by Chris on Aug 20 2013 17:19

Very helpful. I had problems getting my arrangements sorted and Shhena bent over backwards to help me move in on time. Very happy with the service.

by rahma belbey on Aug 19 2013 17:09

im statisfied with all services that belvoir had providing me especially with the personal assistance of sheena.

by Andrew Clarke on Aug 19 2013 17:08

Absolutely excellent service. I have been a landlord in Cambridge for nealry 20 years now and will definitely be asking for Sheena atBelvoir next time I have a property to let. Highly recommended.

by Chris on Aug 16 2013 16:02

I have lived in cambridge for over three years now and have dealt with alot of different letting agencys and i can definatly say that Belvoir has been the best so far. every member of staff i have dealt with has been very friendly and happy to help i would recommend belvoir to anyone and would use them again in the future. i would like to make a special mention to Sheena Ohene who has helped us and gone way past the call of duty to make sure we got into our house on the agreed move in date Chris Smith

by Taiwo Ilori on Aug 15 2013 16:03

They were very professional and helpful.

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