Seller FAQ's

Whether you’re a first-time seller in Belfast, a seasoned investor or just looking to take the next step in the property ladder, here we’ve summarised the most frequently asked questions. We hope it can provide you with a better insight and help you decide on the next step.

What Is My Home Worth?

Determining your home’s market value is one very important reason to use Belvoir Belfast. We offer a free one-to-one appraisal where one of our experience local agents will do a comparative market analysis to ensure the correct listing price is calculated for you. To do this we look at recent sales of comparable homes, similar homes that are under contract, and homes that are listed in the same price range of your home. Comparing the features of the homes such as size, style, number of rooms, age of the home, amenities, condition, and local neighbourhood. If you are interested in requesting a free market appraisal, then contact us.

How Do I Determine The Right Listing Price?

Getting the right listing price is a very fine line. You don’t want to set a price too high as unreasonable prices tend to mean the property stays on the market longer which may deter potential buyers. You also don’t want to list the property with a firm price as it’s always good to have room to negotiate with buyers. Therefore, what your home is worth and what you should list its as is not the same. We will happily discuss this with you to provide you with best knowledge to make an informed decision.

sellers faqs

When Is The Best Time To List My Home For Sale?

The key to getting the best value for your property is to make sure you give yourself as much time as possible to sell. Therefore, as soon as you are ready to move, lets get that property on the market for you. The longer the property is on the market, the more potential buyers result in seeing it. If you don’t end up receiving as many offers as you were hoping for then it also allows for extra time to consider different routes and options.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Property?

This is a variable depending on lots of other factors. To ensure your property sells as quickly as possible we will do everything, we can to present your home in the best light possible. Ensuring it is seen on as many online portals as possible, creating professional advertising materials (link to advertising page) and relying on our experienced agents to source the perfect buyers. Typically, our properties don’t stay on the market long, however if it taking a little longer than expected we will look into what could be causing this and get the ball rolling.

Will I Get A ‘For Sale’ Board Outside My House?

As part of our package we instruct ‘For Sale’ signs to be placed outside of the properties. By doing this we can maximise the awareness of your property by attracting attention from passers-by. We hope that this also gets people talking and spreads the news of your property by word of mouth. However, if you prefer not to you don’t have to display one but please do make us aware.

How Are Viewings Arranged And Conducted?

We will liaise with you to find out the most convenient times to conduct viewings at your home and will always ensure that we are available at these times to accompany a viewing so you don’t have to worry about meeting prospective buyers. If you would prefer for us to conduct these viewings whilst you are at work or away then we operate a secure key system. By confidently leaving us a key one of our experienced sales agents can easily show your home to viewers uninterrupted. After a viewing we strive to provide you with feedback within 24 hours, where possible.

Where Will My Home Be Advertised?

As the world becomes more and more digital, the majority of buyers are now starting their property search online. To make sure we are appealing to this market we ensure maximum online exposure for your home with your property being marketed on our website as well as featuring on our social media to maximise reach. Just under 100% of potential buyers head straight to property portals which is good news as we advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla. On these platforms we will present the prospective buyer with stunning photography and expertly crafted videos to showcase your property.

When Do I Need To Instruct A Solicitor?

As soon as your property is on the market, we advise you to instruct a solicitor. This will allow your solicitor time to prepare all legal documents before a buyer is found and help them prepare for you sale, shortening the process between agreeing a sale and completion.

How Are Offers Dealt With?

When we receive an offer we make sure you are made aware of this by phone and in writing. So that you can make an informed decision we make sure to qualify all potential buyers to provide you with the most information possible. It is in our interest as well as yours to make sure the maximum sale price is reached. So, if an offer is not acceptable then we will negotiate on your behalf until it is satisfactory. We work hard to ensure this target is reached and won’t settle until you are happy.

Do I Need An EPC?

Before you sell a property, all sellers are required to have an in-date EPC. We are then obliged to display this rating when we advertise the property.

Will My Property Be Surveyed?

As a seller you don’t have to arrange a survey yourself, however it is likely the buyer will. To get ahead of the game, the most important factors they will look for include damp, roofing issues, wall cracking and faulty utilities.

Why Choose Belfast?

  • Make sure to research the market in Belfast and double check that owning a buy-to-let property is the right choice for you and your circumstances
  • Choose the right place which might not be the cheapest but those that have the best local amenities such as good transport links and school catchment areas
  • Calculate how much it’s going to cost you, including all costs like maintenance. You should aim to cover at least 100% of the mortgage and another 25% on top of this
  • Have a think about who you as a landlord want to live in the property and put together target tenants. Are they going to be young professionals, students or families?
  • Work out your anticipated rental yield. You should be investing for income rather than short term capital growth so consider all costs such as tax, maintenance and expenses
  • Don’t rule out renovation projects. Some properties that may need a little work can actually generate great value for money and end up increasing the house prices. The refurbished property will be valued at the original purchase price plus the cost of the renovation work plus another 20 per cent at least

Why Use A Mortgage Adviser?

  • They give you unbiased advice that covers the whole of the mortgage market.
  • They work for you, so make sure to put your interests first.
  • Provide you with invaluable advice on which mortgage is best for you and how much you can realistically afford.
  • Help you create the strongest mortgage application

Be aware your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There may be a fee for mortgage advice which is up to 1% but normally around 0.3% of the amount borrowed. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances.

Arrange a free market appraisal

Whether you’re a landlord, you’re looking to sell or you’re just interested in how much your property might be worth, the best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding is through a free one-to-one appraisal with one of our experienced local agents. Request an appraisal with your local office using the form below.

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