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Being a first-time seller in Belfast can be daunting but we’re here every step of the way to help you get moving up the property ladder. We understand that the main aim is to get the price you want but it’s true, you also want the next prospective buyers to fall in love with it as much as you did. Essentially, selling is a transfer of feelings, through photos, descriptions and experience we’re sure the next buyer will be just round the corner.

Whether you’re looking to move to a new location, find somewhere with extra space for a growing family or maybe even just found your dream home. The most important step is to engage us early on so give us a call and see how we can help. Look at our handy guide for first time sellers to find some more easy tips.

When people are looking to buy a house, they tend to buy into a lifestyle so show your home life at its best. A lick of paint is always a great first idea, but don’t fall into the trap of painting everything white. Instead add a pop of colour to show personality or play it safe in the region of neutral colours which are known to best attract potential buyers. You might not want to hear it but you need to forget about your personal attachment as that quirky wallpaper you may love, may put others off. It’s all about balance!

Next consider your curb appeal. More than 68% of homeowners say curb appeal was important to them so make sure to focus on tidying the garden, repainting doors and windows and clearing the driveway. Buyers these days are looking for outdoor space so now more than ever it’s important to get rid of those weeds, fertilise to add life to tired grass and even add some outdoor decorations.

Have you thought about adding value to your home to increase the sale price? It’s been found that a 4-bedroom home with an ensuite to the master bedroom is worth £10,000 more than one without. And that houses with extensions or loft conversions can add 23% to its total value. A cheaper alternative to consider is by investing in double glazing. The benefits this brings is that they’re more energy efficient, keep noise out and are easier to maintain. However, be mindful that if you have a period property, original windows can increase the value so do your research!

Getting Your House On The Market:

Next up is to get your house on the market. This involves us visiting the property to take accurate measurements for floorplans and notes to be able to put together an emotive description.

Then we need to focus on getting the perfect images. These aim to capture the character of your home and can show buyers the potential of their future home. These days innovative technology can take this to the next level. Drone footage shows the immense views that could be seen from your penthouse apartment or emphasise the scope of the surrounding area from a unique perspective. While 360-degree walkthroughs give viewers a real feeling of how they would use and live in the home. Check out our article on how we’d advertise your property for more information.

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Getting You Ready For Viewings:

The more flexible you are with viewings, the quicker you can expect a sale. Try to accommodate potential buyers as much as possible and be clear with your agent on what you expect to suit your personal circumstances.

A good way to see your home through fresh eyes is to invite your least tactful friend over and they’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done. When showing them through to the living area remember to pull back the curtains to let the natural daylight flood in, removing any frames or vases that may block the light. Also regularly open the windows to let in fresh air and get rid of any lingering odours.

A key room to focus on is the bathrooms. To make them look most presentable clear away all your toiletries and any children’s bath toys and replace them with clean towels to make the room look spotless. A good idea is to open windows to clear any excess moisture and replace any sealant that may be now old.

Another helpful tip is to bake something delicious before their arrival. The aroma of baked bread or freshly brewed coffee is always a hit and will hit the viewers as soon as they walk through the door, delighting another of their senses.

Something not many people consider are their pets. Not everyone loves animals so make sure a neighbour is available to take care of it during viewing as not to scare or distract.

Considering & Accepting An Offer:

Don’t be concerned when you start receiving offers which are 5-10% lower than the asking price. This is something that tends to happen quite often so can be considered when setting a price.

A few things to think about when accepting an offer begins with the financial position of the buyer. Do they have a home which needs to be sold before they can move, has their mortgage been approved yet or this still going to take some time? The best possible position for someone to be in is if they’re a cash buyer as the process will be a lot quicker and seamless.

Next up think about the timescale of the prospective buyer. If they’re a first-time buyer then you might want to consider how flexible they are with move in dates before setting something in stone. Or another important question is, is are they part of a chain?

Finally, always remember what your position is. Ultimately the decision is down to you so don’t forget to consider your own circumstances!

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