Lowest Mortgage Rates On Record

Mortgage rates in May were reported to be the lowest ever since records began in 1995.

However there wasn’t a surge on new mortgages. Primarily because these record rates apply mainly to purchases with more than 25% deposit, and that eliminates almost every first-time buyer.

The higher loan-to-value deals still provide very attractive rates and this looks likely to continue. With Bank of England interest rate freeze continuing  at 0.5%, the expectations are that there will be no increase for the rest of this year.

With attractive borrowing rates and bouyant property prices, the current market conditions offer a realistic opportunity for first-time buyers and tenants seeking to become home owners.

And it’s also an excellent opportunity for sellers to achieve their asking price…fast.

Whether you are buying or selling, give us a call because we have buyers waiting and many of our property sales are agreed even before we get a chance to put them on the open market. 

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