5 Types of Festive Decorators You'll See This Christmas

1. The "Go Big or Go Home"

Christmas isn’t just a holiday to this person, it’s a chance to SHINE…literally. This person is a rarer find, but when you see them, you’ll know. The fronts of their homes will be so covered in lights, you won’t be able to tell what the house even looks like anymore. This house stands in the street looking at other houses, laughing at their poor decorative attempts. The amount of time and effort that will have gone into their Christmas nativity scene will be almost offensive, and you’ll begin to question whether or not this person is simply a big fan of Christmas, or suffering from a serious form of Small Man Syndrome. Either way you spin it, you’ll walk away from this house asking yourself questions like: “Why can’t our house look like that?” “Do I even want my house to look like that?” and “Where did they get that life size baby Jesus?”


2. The "Conservative"

This person enjoys Christmas, but doesn’t want to seem like they enjoy it too much. The Conservative is often conflicted because they don’t want the neighbours to think they’re a Scrooge, but they also don’t want to look like they have too much time on their hands. A typical characteristic of a conservative decorator will be a wreath on the door and some fairy lights in the bushes. This person is probably a lawyer, a politician or a reformed alcoholic.

 3. The "I'm Just Here For The Mulled Wine"

There are no judgements here, we all drink too much at Christmas, because… well there doesn’t need to be an excuse. However, sometimes, this is very clearly evident in some people’s festive decorations.  This person has their Christmas priorities set from the get go. They’re here to eat, drink and attend every single one of the neighbour’s parties… and they don’t intend on remembering the majority of it. The outside of this person’s house will give no indication of the season. You might even think they spend their Christmases abroad, or with family… but they’re in there. You’ll usually figure this out when they wake you up stumbling home at 3 in the morning. The inside of this person’s home will be decorated modestly, mostly because their decorations will have been handmade from bottle corks or items drunkenly lifted from various Christmas dos over the years.

4. The "Desperate Housewife"

From the kerb, you’ll think a “conservative” lives in here, but once you step inside you’ll realise this is not the case. You may think you’ve stepped into a scene from Home Alone (before Kevin trashes the place). Nothing will be out of place, there will be no colour that isn’t supposed to go there, it might even be downright intimidating. Every bauble on that tree will have been meticulously and tactically placed. This person didn’t do this overnight, this was a carefully and strategically planned operation. This home will also almost certainly play host to an annual Christmas party, complete with open bar and pianist.

5. The "Let's Get This Over With"

The Scrooge among us. This person probably enjoyed Christmas once upon a time, but now unfortunately views it as more of a chore than anything else. Likely an empty-nester, this person’s home will usually display little to no decorations and at a push there’ll be a tree in the living room. This person hates Christmas music and will never host Christmas parties. The best way to act around this person is to wear obscenely bright Christmas jumpers and purposefully bring out the Christmas karaoke.


So there you have it, 5 very stereotypical types of people at Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, from your team at Belvoir!