Who moves the most in Bedfordshire ?

A brilliant indicator, which is commonly overlooked, of an area’s property market is the amount of times properties change hands.

There are 67,800 properties in Bedford and 20,887 have changed hands in the last 7 years. Our neighbours in Biggleswade may only have 7,220 properties, but of these 2,770 households moved during the last 7 years. This works out as 38% of the town’s property market changing hands, which is very close to our 31%

When we looked at our other neighbouring towns, Luton has seen 17,201 of 77,000 households change hands. So, although Luton is a larger Town  approximately 10% less moved than in Bedford.

This shows you must cover every detail from the property to the area’s market before making a decision to buy, be it for yourself or as a buy to let investment.

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