Presenting your property correctly can "make or break a deal"

When advertising a property to let Belvoir Bedford and Biggleswade ensure that your property is seen in the best light possible. Not like some of these we have discovered!!!

Without breaching legislation it is key that you use the best photos when marketing, and ensure that the property is presented to the widest market possible. With the market so buoyant tenants have plenty of choice and it is crucial to make sure your property stands out from the rest.

At Belvoir we also ensure this also filters into the viewing and prior to the appointment we will also ensure that the property is prepared. What do we mean by that? We always arrive early to ensure the following :

  • beds are made and soft furnishings are left tidy and in the right place
  • turn the heating up if cold
  • spray air freshener if necessary
  • open the curtains if drawn and turn lights on , as even during the day will brighten the room 
  • tidy up the post and remove any junk mail and newspapers

We recently discovered some photos which details how not to do this which you may find interesting

If you want to discuss what we can do for you give us a call or pop in to see us at our Tavistock Street Office.